Reward your most loyal supporters, gas-free

Launch your airdrop on layer 2 via and provide gasless rewards to your entire community. We won’t just host the airdrop: we’ll help you promote it, too.

Why our airdrops soar even higher gives your followers fast, frictionless rewards. We avoid the congestion of the Ethereum mainframe, so our drops land exactly where your community wants them.


Because the airdrop takes place on layer 2, your followers enjoy every penny of their reward with no annoying gas fees.

Fair’s strict filters ensure that bots and cynical airdrop-hunters are prevented from entering.


We’ve built a semi-privacy-preserving layer 2 scaling solution, so participants’ airdrop earnings will be totally concealed.

What a airdrop looks like

Running your airdrop on is a simple six-step process


You provide us with the tokens to be airdropped, the list of addresses and the timeframe


We build a special dedicated page for the airdrop, which you can share with your users


We open the airdrop and promote it via our social media and community channels


Your eligible users can claim their rewards at any time during the drop with just a few clicks

Once users have claimed their rewards, they can trade and stake on or withdraw to other networks

At the end of the airdrop, any unclaimed tokens will be returned to the DeversiFi DAO treasury — and passed back to you

What we need from your community

Step 1

Head across to

Step 2

Connect their wallet to

Step 3

Click the claim button

Step 4

If eligible, the user will receive their funds

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