Cross-Chain Swaps

Swap 100s of Polygon and BSC Tokens On
Any token. One wallet. No gas.

As easy as a
normal swap

Simply choose your desired token from our drop-down list. As long as you hold USDT or USDC, you can access any token in seconds!

Access all
Polygon and BSC
tokens from
layer 2

Swap directly to the best tokens on these ecosystems, without paying a penny in gas fees.

Avoid the
hassle of


There’s no need to create new wallets or buy native tokens when you access different chains: we do all the magic for you.

Get the best
price on
every swap

We’ve partnered with ParaSwap to give you maximum value on every single transaction.

And this is just the start…

We’re building a gateway to the entire world of DeFi, and we’ll be adding more chains soon including zkSync,  Avalanche, Optimism and Arbitrum. Wherever a new opportunity emerges, you’ll be there – because you’re on

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