Base Activity Tracker

In the crypto space, early adopters tend to be rewarded for their interest in new initiatives. This phenomenon has grown so large that it has earned the term “airdrop farming.” Airdrop farming can be accomplished by chain activity and can be measured using criteria such as the number of chain interactions, fees spent, and so on.  

However, airdrops are not guaranteed, and it might be difficult to track your on-chain performance. That is why developed the Base tracker. With the Base tracker, you simply input your wallet and it checks your score, providing you with a sense of your ranking on the chain.

With the launch of the Base tracker, we are delighted to announce the Base tracker campaign and the chance to claim unique NFTs by checking your score.

Complete the following between 25.09 – 02.10:

For complete campaign details, including instructions and additional information, you can check out the campaign details on Galxe here.

Get ready to level up your crypto game and exclusive NFTs with’s Base Tracker Campaign!

Latest Posts is delighted to announce that our bridge now supports inEVM. Supporting this new Layer2 rollup marks the first steps towards full integration with the Cosmos ecosystem.

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