Bridge to Scroll – No bridge fees for a month

Scroll, the new zkEVM based layer 2 launches today. And you can be an early explorer by bridging your funds from - in fact, we have removed our bridge fee until 14th November.

Bridges enable you to seamlessly move your funds between blockchains, so you can use decentralized apps (dApps) that aren’t available on your familiar chains and gain first-mover advantage on emerging ecosystems.

Scroll is a zkEVM based rollup which sits on top of Ethereum, enabling native compatibility for existing applications and tools of the main Ethereum network. Scroll, which was founded in 2021, has successfully raised $50 million in funding from prominent venture capital firms such as Polychain and Sequoia.

Scroll’s core mission is to improve Ethereum’s scalability while adhering to its essential ideals of trust reduction, security, and open-source ideology. Scroll has a huge advantage over the Ethereum mainnet in that it can conduct transactions with substantially lower gas prices. This results in a user experience that closely mimics Ethereum while engaging with Scroll, making the move simple for both users and developers.

Just like, security is paramount for Scroll, employing advanced zero knowledge proof technology, battle-tested EVM models, and rigorous audits to guarantee reliability. To assure unwavering dependability, it leverages innovative zero-knowledge proof technologies, comprehensive EVM models, and rigorous audits.

Your transactions will be 10x cheaper than they are on L1 Ethereum, not to mention faster, because Scroll uses super-quick zero knowledge validation technology, rather than the time-consuming proof-of-stake validation system used on the Ethereum network. What’s more, Scroll will soon host hundreds of dApps, both the ones you’re already familiar with from Ethereum (but faster, and cheaper) and new ones created just for this ecosystem.

By bridging your funds using, you can reach Scroll before the rest of the community and explore this vast ecosystem when opportunities have just been shipped. When each new opp drops, you and your funds will be ready.

And, to celebrate the official mainnet launch, we’ve waived our bridge fee for the next month.

Ok, so how do I bridge from

We’ve built a collateralised bridging system which allows you to tap into our liquidity outposts on different chains. This is quicker than the traditional ‘lock-and-mint’ bridging system; in fact, it means your funds arrive in just 30 seconds.

You can bridge ETH, USDT and USDC straight away.

If you bridge in the next month, you will pay no fees, only gas costs. If you bridge later, you’ll need enough spare cryptos in your wallet to cover the fees.

Bridging promo runs from 17.10 to 14.11.

Exclusive NFT

To celebrate the launch of Scroll’s mainnet we’ve partnered with Galxe to offer early explorers a limited edition NFT for bridging to Scroll through

All you need to do is:

  • Follow on twitter
  • Follow our partner projects on Twitter
  • Retweet our announcement tweet
    Bridge ETH to/from Scroll between 17.10 to 14.11.
  • Claim your OAT

If you have any questions about Scroll, bridges in crypto or anything else relating to this article, don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter or Discord. We’ll be waiting to answer you.

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