Bridge to Starknet – No bridge fees for 2 weeks

We've reached a pivotal moment. Our bridge to Starknet is now a reality.

Starknet, an ecosystem focused on unparalleled scalability and opportunity, is now fully accessible on You can still be an early explorer by bridging your funds from – in fact, we have removed our bridge fee until 23rd November.

Why Starknet?

Starknet, which has been live for almost a year, enables effortless, lightning fast transactions at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum Layer 1.

But this this isn’t just about transactions; it’s about exploration. A growing number of unique dApps, both familiar and entirely new, await your discovery. Ethereum-level security, minimal costs – it’s the best of both worlds. You can explore those dApps here:

Pioneering Integration for

This is the first non-EVM chain we’ve launched, but why did we choose Starknet? We’re not just part of the Starknet ecosystem; we’ve been building with Starkware and their teams for over 5 years. We’re built on StarkEx, Starkware’s Layer 2 scaling solution, and were the first L2 to launch years ago.

By bridging your funds using, you can reach Starknet and explore this vast ecosystem. And, to celebrate the launch, we’ve waived our bridge fee for the next 2 weeks.

Ok, so how do I bridge from

We’ve built a collateralised bridging system which allows you to tap into our liquidity outposts on different chains. This is quicker than the traditional ‘lock-and-mint’ bridging system; in fact, it means your funds arrive in just 60 seconds. And you can bridge right now.

You’ll need both an EVM compatible wallet, like Metamask, and a native Starknet wallet, like ArgentX or Bravvos and you can bridge ETH, USDT or USDC.

If you bridge in the next two weeks, you will pay no fees, only destination gas costs on this route. If you bridge later, you’ll need enough spare cryptos in your wallet to cover the fees.

Bridging promo runs from 09/11/23 to 23/11/23.

Exclusive NFT

To celebrate the launch of Starknet on, we’ve partnered with Galxe to offer explorers a limited edition NFT for bridging to Starknet through

All you need to do is:

  • Follow on twitter
  • Follow our partner projects on Twitter
  • Retweet our announcement tweet
  • Bridge ETH, USDT or USDC to/from Starknet between 9/11 to 23/11.
  • Claim your OAT

Track your airdrop potential

Have you been exploring the Starknet Ecosystem since mainnet launched? Now you can find out exactly how active you’ve been with the brand new Starknet Activity Tracker.

Check your total transactions, volume, on-chain balance and, most importantly, what your rankings are compared to all other Starknet users.

If you have any questions about Starknet, bridges in crypto or anything else relating to this article, don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter or Discord. We’ll be waiting to answer you.

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