Unleash the rhino on Layer 3

Dive deeper into the zkSync ecosystem and get even more rewards with our new Layer 3 campaign. Bridge, earn and explore one of the hottest new chains, zkSync Era.

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The cross-chain Galxe quest

Rhino.fi has joined forces with Galxe, one of the key drivers of the emerging zkSync era ecosystem, offering an exclusive NFT upon completion of three key missions. Today, we add a fourth, and here’s the story.

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14 days of zkSync Era

We’ve launched a brand new campaign giving you the chance to win an exclusive NFT between 15th May and 29th May. Here’s the details.

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How we ensure total self-custody on rhino.fi

rhino.fi is totally committed to self-custody. Crypto should be fair, free and transparent, and we believe this is only possible if you maintain control of your funds at all times. Here’s how we put this approach into practice.

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