Masters of Manta quest

Today, releases our newest quest: Masters of Manta, available on Galxe and allows you to claim an unique NFT and loyalty points for bridging to Manta between 12.10 and 26.10.

Over recent weeks we’ve opened new bridges to Base and Arbitrum Nova and added dozens of tokens to our cross-chain swaps portal, allowing you to acquire the hottest assets in DeFi with minimal gas.

Manta Pacific was integrated just less than a month ago and it’s definitely one of your favorites! So we are introducing a two week period of 50% DISCOUNT on the bridging fees and are excited to launch our Masters of Manta campaign, including the chance to earn an unique NFT and boost your portfolio by exploring the opportunities on Manta.

Complete the following between 12.10 – 26.10:

If you want to seize the opportunity right now, click below to bridge.

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