Rhino Alpha Key: Unlocking ultra low-cost bridging

Are you tired of high transaction fees when bridging between different networks? Sick of not getting rewarded for being a loyal user? We have great news for you!

Today rhino.fi launches the Rhino Alpha Key campaign. We are already known for our super fast, low cost bridge connecting 25+ EVM and non-EVM compatible ecosystems. 

And it’s about to get even cheaper for our loyal users. 

Any user who has bridged through rhino.fi before June 1, 2024, is automatically eligible to mint the Alpha Key. This NFT isn’t just a collector’s item—it’s your ticket to drastically reduced protocol fees. And it counts as an extra contract interaction on Scroll if that’s your thing 😉

Practically this makes rhino.fi cheaper than any of our competitors when bridging 100 USDT across Layer2s.

What this means for you

Transactions under $100 are completely FREE, thanks to the Alpha Key. Our goal is to help you maximise your collateral, whichever chain you want to transact on. All you need to do is pay gas. We’ve also drastically reduced fees for transactions above $100, so you won’t miss out on savings when bridging larger volumes. You can lock in these discounts until July 19, 2024 when you mint the Alpha Key. 

(Alpha key discounts are applied to all routes, except Ethereum and Tron bridging)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make epic savings every time you bridge. Mint your exclusive fee-discounting Rhino Alpha Key NFT today and start bridging smarter!

One more thing…

We know crypto is nothing without community. For users not eligible to mint the Alpha Key there is another way to access it…

We’ve opened up a limited number of whitelisted spots (100,000) where new users can get access to the Alpha Key using a referral code from someone who already has one. This way your friends can enjoy the same low fees as you #WAGMI

Spaces are limited so act fast.

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You’re automatically eligible to mint the Alpha Key if you have bridged with us any time before June 1, 2024.

It entitles you to free bridging under $100 until July 19th 2024 and big discounts for higher amounts.

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