Safari Bounty Quest: Explore Arbitrum and WIN $ARB

Are you ready for an exciting journey into the world of Arbitrum? To celebrate the Arbitrum Odyssey we’ve launched the Safari Bounty Quest, where you can bridge your funds to this cutting-edge Layer 2 scaling solution and win $ARB tokens.

Join the Safari Bounty Quest.

Are you ready for the Safari Bounty Quest? Here’s what you need to know:

Quest duration:

  • Quest for 4 weeks (running from 28/09 – 26/10)
  • Daily Bounty: Each day, we’ll pick one lucky user who has bridged to Arbitrum One or Arbitrum Nova to win 500 $ARB tokens.
    • It’s a daily bounty so you need to bridge each day to be in with a chance of winning that bounty.
    • Winners will be announced everyday in our discord channel and funds will be transferred to users accounts.
    • To be eligible to win users need to bridge ETH to Arbitrum One/Nova between 28/09/2023 to 26/10/2023.

Any users found to be gaming the quest/farming will be excluded from winning that daily bounty, and all other days during the campaign. 

Bonus Bounty: Users who bridge over $100 at any point during the campaign will also be entered into a special pot to win 1000 $ARB tokens. We’ll choose 5 winners for this pot. 

Exclusive NFT from Galxe

We’ve teamed up with Galxe to offer everyone who takes part a limited edition OAT for bridging to Arbitrum One or Arbitrum Nova through To claim your OAT:

  • Follow @rhinofi on Twitter.
  • Bridge ETH to Arbitrum One/Nova between 28/09/2023 to 26/10/2023.
  • Claim your OAT and mint your exclusive NFT on Arbitrum.

If you have any questions about Arbitrum, bridging in the crypto space, or any other topic related to this article, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Discord. We’re here to assist you on your journey.

Latest Posts is delighted to announce that our bridge now supports inEVM. Supporting this new Layer2 rollup marks the first steps towards full integration with the Cosmos ecosystem.

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