Starknet Provisions Program airdrop eligibility

Today the Starknet foundation announced their Provisions Program (airdrop) and you can now check your eligibility on the official portal. Read below to understand more about the drop, the claim process and why it pays to use

The Starknet Provisions Program

The Starknet Provisions Program is the broadest token allocation ever seen in crypto, being dropped to over 1.3million recipients. And today you can check to see if you’re eligible. 

The eligibility check is open today (14th Feb) and will remain open for a week, until 20th Feb when users will be able to claim any $STRK they have been awarded. The portal will remain open for 4 months so don’t worry, you have plenty of time to claim!


The Starknet Foundation will be dropping to Starknet users, Github contributors, Ethereum stakers and also a special bonus drop to early users of StarEx, including (the first L2 ever on StarkEx!). 

Any users who interacted with Starknet before November 15th 2023 and completed over 5 txs over 3 months, will be eligible for the main Starknet user drop. 

Any users who interacted with StarkEx projects ( Sorare, ImmutableX, dydx) and completed 8 txs before June 1st 2022, and were true pioneers of Layer 2 technology, will be eligible for this extra drop. 

These true early explorers of L2, who interacted with StarkEx (the first L2 on ethereum), battle tested the technology that  became core elements of Starknet. 

Qualifying users will receive their $STRK tokens on 20th February 2024, with no lock up. For regulatory considerations this excludes US persons and people based territories with sanctions or restrictions. (See official Provisions Portal for more information). 

That said, the Starknet Foundation hopes that many recipients will use the tokens to get more involved in the Starknet ecosystem. Recipients will be able to use tokens for paying transaction fees, voting in governance votes to shape the network and – in due course – for staking and shaping the long-term evolution of the Starknet protocol. 

This approach is to reward the whole community for driving the adoption of Starknet, and to put the token into the hands of users who will keep growing the community together. 

So if you’ve been with us since the beginning, that means you have a chance of earning twice for using rhino 🙂

How to claim guide

Below is a guide for how to check your eligibility for any of the qualifying user groups, and then claim your $STRK on 20th February. 

N.B all users will need a Starknet wallet to claim their $STRK tokens, if you do not already have one follow the official provisions flow for a gas free account creation!

1. Visit Official Provisions Portal 

2. Scroll down to the eligibility tool and click Starknet on the left hand side

3. Connect your wallet

4. Select Argent or Braavos (whichever you used to engage with the Starknet ecosystem)

5. And then you’ll be shown your token allocation!

6. For StarkEx eligibility, select Starkex on the right hand side

7. Then click to sign in and verify with any of the early StarkEx projects (including

8. You’ll then be redirected (securely) to the projects UI to ‘log-in’ and verify you have interacted with our contracts

9. Then you’ll be redirected back to the official Provisions Portal to connect whichever Starknet wallet you wish to claim these tokens with (argent or bravvos)

10. And then you’ll be shown your token allocation!

You can always delegate your STRK tokens to help shape the future of Starknet here: 

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