The Rhino Run: Layer 2 Stampede

In the past, we've seen that early adopters in this space are often generously rewarded. Typically, these rewards are calculated based on wallet activity. However, being an early explorer entails navigating your way through new ecosystems.

This is the year of the rhino. We’ve always dedicated ourselves to assisting you on this journey through Layer 2s with our easy-to-use, cheap and lightning-fast bridge. To take this to the next level, we are launching the rhino run: Layer 2 Stampede, a journey into the core of the crypto universe!

Get ready for an epic six-week quest where we’ll help you make the most of the endless possibilities across the hottest Layer 2 chains.

What is the Layer 2 Stampede?

The rhino run is not just a challenge; it’s a guided exploration crafted to assist you in navigating through different Layer 2 ecosystems. You will bridge to a new chain every week and have the chance to increase those contract interactions with on-chain tasks from our native chain partners!

As well as bridging, we have partnered up with native projects on each chain to showcase the possibilities of each exciting Layer 2 and help you get to grips with the key players. As you embark on this guided exploration, you’ll also have the chance to join a thriving community, participate in fun challenges, and compete for a bonus prize pool of $50,000 provided by

How it works


Different chains each week

Dive into a brand new chain every week, starting with zkSync. By accepting this challenge, you will receive a variety of tasks, including bridging assets, swapping tokens and minting exclusive NFTs. But the adventure doesn’t end there! Our partners have crafted exciting tasks for you as well, along with bonus incentives.

A variety of on chain tasks

The first week kicks off with zkSync and for the first week we have partnered up with three incredible partners: Syncswap, Crypto Maze and Derivio. Tasks for the first week include:

  • Bridge to zkSync on
  • Play 1 demo game on Crypto Maze
  • Swap at least $5 on Syncswap
  • Trade at least $20 of volume on Derivio

Earn XP points to improve your chance of winning the bonus prize pool

Details like chains for the week, tasks, partners and additional bonuses will be announced soon on Twitter and Discord, all of which will be worth exploring to boost your contract interactions. 

The tasks may vary between mandatory and optional, earning you XP points per task. Based on the amount of XP you collected, you will earn a rank. The higher your rank will be, the higher the prizes you can win. The ranks will be published weekly across all socials so make sure to join us on Discord and Twitter.

What’s in it for you?

While the reward is a guided navigation through several new and hot chains, offering you a possibility to increase your activity, we also have a bonus prize pool of $50,000. The reward structure is based on your activity during these 6 weeks.

Based on the rank you will be eligible for the set rewards:



XP collected




Top 10% of XP

$5000,- each for 3 lucky winners



Top 25% of XP

15 winners x $1000,- each



Minimum 1380 XP 

60 winners x $ 250,- each



Minimum 1000 XP

100 winners x $100,- each

Each user can only earn one ‘rank’. You will be eligible to win in all rank levels you qualify for. We reserve the right to disqualify accounts engaging in suspicious activities or attempting to manipulate the system.

Complete your quest tasks by March 12, that’s the deadline! The winners will be chosen and announced that week on Friday 15th. The prize pool of 50,000 USDT, provided by, will then be distributed seamlessly through and will have a claim window of 2 months. Make sure to claim your winnings before May 20th.

Where can I take part in the rhino run? 

We are delighted to announce our partnership with, the Web3 platform known for their amazing quest experience. Easily complete your on-chain tasks on, and then visit Layer3 to validate and confirm your quest. At the end of the 6 week quest Layer 3 will distribute the prizes.

Quest Highlights

  • Weekly Chains: Every week unfolds a new chapter, with a spotlight on a different chain. You will be guided through the hottest L2 chains.
  • Duration: Embark on a thrilling six-week journey starting January 31, 2024.
  • Bonus Prize Pool: For those daring enough to embark on this adventure, a staggering $50,000 is up for grabs.

How to join:

  • Head over to and sign up if you haven’t already.
  • Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates
  • Join our Discord to join the conversation
  • Get ready for the rhino run launch on January 31, 2024!

Prepare to be amazed, educated, challenged, and rewarded as we embark on the rhino run together. Stay tuned for weekly updates, exciting partner collaborations, and an opportunity to be an early explorer of Layer 2’s.

Let the rhino run begin

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