Unlocking the Future with Starknet: Our Journey to Bridging Beyond the EVM

We've always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology, and today, we're excited to share a major milestone in our journey.

We’re thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey as we venture into the unique and thriving ecosystem of Starknet. What sets Starknet apart, and why are we so excited about it?

Our Long-Standing Partnership with StarkWare

Our journey into the Starknet ecosystem is not just a leap into the unknown; it’s a testament to our enduring partnership with StarkWare. We’ve been working hand in hand with StarkWare for the past five years, pioneering innovations in Layer 2 scaling solutions.

Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Over 350,000 Registered Accounts on rhino.fi – Our platform has attracted a strong and growing community of crypto traders
  • Over $1.55 Billion Total Volume – Together with StarkWare StarkEx state-of-the-art infrastructure, we’ve facilitated over $1.55 billion in total trading volume through our platform, offering users unparalleled access to deeply liquid markets.
  • Over 2 Million Trades – Our users have executed over 2 million trades, showcasing the robustness and efficiency of our trading infrastructure.
  • 12 Different Chains Supported – Currently, our bridge supports 12 different chains, including zkSync, Linea, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, opBNB, Manta Pacific, Polygon, and Polygon zkEVM. Our bridge allows our users to access a diverse range of ecosystems and provide users with seamless access to various Layer 2 solutions.

A Realm of Unprecedented Possibilities

What truly sets Starknet apart is its ability to enable applications that were previously beyond the reach of traditional rollup solutions. The Layer 2 ecosystem is rapidly expanding, going far beyond simple EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains. It’s evolving into a rich and diverse ecosystem, teeming with specialization and untapped potential. Starknet stands at the forefront of this transformation, leading the charge with a multitude of groundbreaking applications.

From Games to DeFi: A World of Opportunity

What makes Starknet truly unique is the wide array of applications that can be built within its ecosystem. Games, DeFi applications, and countless other innovative use cases are flourishing on Starknet today. Unlike many other Layer 2s instead of forks of previous dapps, they are projects that simply cannot exist on other rollup solutions.

Connecting Starknet to a World of Possibilities

Now, as we prepare to launch on Starknet, we’re excited to bridge this innovative Layer 2 solution to the ecosystems we’ve grown to support. We’re eager to join the growing list of dapps live on starknet and bring these new and unique opportunities to our users. 

Join us on this exciting journey

Our decision to join the Starknet ecosystem is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing our users with the best that blockchain technology has to offer. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch on the Starknet mainnet. The future is bright, and we’re excited to take this next step together.

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