Help us build the future of finance is opening DeFi to the entire world. People shouldn’t have to go through centralised web 3 exchanges to reach financial freedom – we believe they should have a gateway that takes them straight there.

So we’re creating that gateway that allows you to enjoy the best of DeFi on any chain from a single wallet. We take niche blockchain technologies and make them universal, and we prioritise helping our users providing these new technologies to improve their lives over everything else.

We’re not just starting a movement towards DeFi. We’re starting a stampede.

Where we work

Like our platform, we’re a decentralised team.

In fact, the crew represents 11 different nationalities and is spread all over the world. Check out the places we’re working from below.

What we look for

Even though we’re spread across the world, we’re as close as any office-based company. And our shared values are crucial to this.


Our team spirit is forged from eight core values. If you want to join us, you must share all of them.



We don’t see this as a job. It’s a mission.



We’re as open, honest and reliable as our platform.



We’re constantly looking for the one-percenters to move DeFi forward.



We go out of our way to help one another, and we celebrate one another’s success.



We hate cliches here: no wisdom is accepted without challenge.



We share a passion for blockchain technology and its many use cases.



We’re an ego-free zone: arrogance has no place in what we’re building.



We go out of our way to build relationships and enjoy one another’s (virtual) company.

Our Adventures ​

Every three months, we meet up in a cool part of the world to spend a week chatting DeFi, working together and having a blast.


We’ve already visited Berlin, Barcelona and Gran Canaria, and here’s the best part… our team decides where we go next.

See our opportunities

Ready to join us?

QA automation engineer

We are looking for a talented Junior QA automation engineer to join our team full time.

Senior Backend developer

We are seeking a highly skilled Back-End engineer with expertise in Typescript, Node.js, and smart contracts.

Head of Business Development

We are looking for a Head of BD who can craft and own our business development strategy and partnership roadmap.

Product Manager

We are looking for a Product Manager who can lead and manage various aspects of the product development lifecycle.

Business Development Manager

We are looking for a BDM who can turn business partnerships into reality, whilst triaging inbound opportunities & managing external expectations.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for a senior Full Stack Engineer with solid BackEnd skills and a passion for DeFi.

Finance Manager

We are looking for a Finance Manager who will be the backbone of our financial health, ensuring smooth daily transactions, accurate reporting, and strategic analysis.

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