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Explore the DeFi aggregator that lets you access assets and opportunities across the biggest chains from one self-custodial wallet. The gateway to rapid, low cost interoperability.

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From Ethereum Layer 1 to the hottest new Layer 2s, zk rollups and non-EVM chains. Bridge in 30 seconds with super low fees and robust security on Transact across chains seamlessly and privately.


Effortlessly swap over 1000 tokens from the biggest chains including Binance Smart Chain, Arbiturm and Polygon directly on – no need to bridge, no network fees and gas free.

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Maximise your APY and earn passive income on major tokens and stable coins by staking & providing liquidity in investment strategies across multiple chains. And there’s no entry fee to eat into your profits.

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Trade on with minimal slippage and deep liquidity using our order book. Whether you want to make simple orders or advanced automated trades, our smart contracts give you the flexibility to make the right trade at the right time.

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