Sommelier, with its Real Yield opportunities, shares our vision for passive income in crypto launches its first-ever $SOMM airdrop, putting the native token of our partner, Sommelier Finance, in the hands of our community. Here’s everything you need to know.

DeFi is on the cusp of unlocking global financial freedom and providing universal access to credit, prosperity and monetary innovation. 

Our community of Rhinos is in the vanguard of this revolution. Through the ownership of DVF, our native governance token, we can work together to build the DeFi everyone needs.

In our last blog post, we explained how we aim to give more utility to DVF holders, and this month we’re going a stage further by launching an airdrop in tandem with Sommelier Finance, the project behind many of our most popular yield opportunities.

Sommelier shares our vision for DeFi. Its real yield opportunities allow users to earn the same tokens they invest, and receive income from sustainable innovation, not cynical inflation. Unlike some early-stage DeFi lending projects, Sommelier uses carefully crafted strategies and automatic rebalancing to maximise yields, rather than simply printing its own asset. 

Last month, to celebrate the launch of Real Yield USD on Rhino, we offered an APY boost in $SOMM tokens. So, on top of their core yield in USDT, first-movers could lock in a early-stage bonus with no extra risk. 

Now we want to cement the partnership with those who are closest to this opportunity: users who have pioneered the concept of cross-chain yield on our platform.

Three buckets of users are eligible to receive the SOMM airdrop. They are:

  1. Users who hold more than 100 DVF/xDVF and have more than $1000 invested in any yield opportunity via
  2. Users who hold more than 100 DVF/xDVF and have less than $1000 invested in any yield opportunity on the platform
  3. Users who hold less than 100 DVF/xDVF and have more than $1000 invested in any yield opportunity on the platform. 

The purpose of this airdrop is to reward loyal DVF users who have also shown interest in passive yield opportunities. The distribution of the SOMM tokens is as follows:


Amount of Somm awarded per user

Total Somm awarded

DVF >= 100

Yield invested >= 1000



DVF >= 100

Yield Invested < 1000



DVF < 100

Yield Invested >= 1000



A snapshot for DVF holders was taken on March 30, 2023 and the snapshot for users invested in any yield opportunity was taken on April 24, 2023. Unfortunately, users holding DVF or investing in yield opportunities after these dates will not be eligible. 

Once again, here’s a link to check your eligibility.

All users will have until 23rd June 23:59pm BST to claim their Airdrop. Claims after this date will not be processed. 

And remember: this is just the start of what is to come for and all of our users. Many more opportunities and future airdrops will be coming, so stay tuned for further announcements. 

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