You can now bridge to zkSync Era from
zkSync Era, an ecosystem which will soon house over 200 games, DEXs and NFT hubs, has just gone live. And you can bridge from now, for free.

This is your chance to move your funds onto zkSync Era, one of the most ambitious rollups ever built on Ethereum, when it’s brand-new.

Era replicates the entire Ethereum ecosystem and wraps it in the dynamism of a rollup. Loads of your favourite Ethereum dApps like Balancer, Sushi, Maker and Uniswap are building on it, and there’ll be a whole bunch of projects you’ve never seen before.

By moving funds now, you can explore the ecosystem in a Sandbox environment. When each app opens, you’ll be ready.

And with our brand-new bridge, you’ll be able to move your funds across in less than the time it’s taken you to read the article so far.

In fact, it’ll take you just 30 seconds to port your ETH (we’ll be adding USDT and USDC soon, too). Bridges in crypto are often complex and cumbersome, but ours abstracts all that crap away. 

What’s more, to celebrate the launch of another Ethereum scaling solution, we’ll waive all fees for the first 48 hours.

zkSync is built on top of the main Ethereum blockchain, so you avoid the congestion and the traffic fees. And by bridging now, you’ll bypass the toll at the gate too.

So, if you’re ready to bridge, just click the button below. Or you can read on for further info, up to you.

How does our zkSync bridge offer work?

From now until Sunday, March 26th, all deposits to zkSync from, and withdrawals, carry 0 fees.

Users cover the gas costs on deposits from zkSync to, while covers the gas cost on withdrawals to zkSync, and charges no additional fee.

Why we’ve opened a bridge to zkSync

zkSync and are two parts of the same solution.

We’re both striving to solve Ethereum’s scalability challenges through the potential of a rollup, taking transactions off the main Ethereum blockchain and validating in bulk, so your trades get done faster and cheaper.

We’re both using zero-knowledge too (hence the zk in zkSync’s name). This validation system relies on rapid, incorruptible math, which ramps the speed even further and avoids the need to reveal sensitive details from either party.

We’ve been following zkSync for a long time and actually agreed a partnership back in the autumn. At the time, we said that zk technology is the future of Ethereum scaling. We still hold that view.

zkSync Era is a more wide-ranging project than ours in some ways: it’s an entire ecosystem, and allows you to do everything you can on Ethereum, including writing smart contracts.

But on our side, we offer the freedom to explore different blockchains with all the friction taken out: no switching networks, no native gas tokens, all from a single wallet. We take the freedom of Layer 2 and stretch it beyond Ethereum to encompass loads of other chains, too.

So we hope that, over time, zkSync and can complement one another. You can explore first-mover Ethereum opportunities on Era, then port the funds back to Rhino and use them to trade. 

They bring you all the apps, we bring you all the chains.

Anyway, enough of the bombastic futurism. We hope you have fun exploring zkSync, and if you can’t be bothered going back to the top of the article to find that bridge link, well, no worries.

The above is not financial advice. Cryptocurrency markets and prices are volatile. Always do your own research and invest at your own risk.

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