Bringing Dusk Network to Ethfinex

We are pleased to present the Dusk Network token sale as the first token sale to be made available on Ethfinex via our new token sale platform.



**13th November 2018 Update at the bottom of this post
**14th November 2018 Update at the bottom of this post
**17th November 2018 Update at the bottom of this post

We are pleased to present the Dusk Network token sale as the first token sale to be made available on Ethfinex via our new token sale platform.

Dusk Network eliminates the middlemen in regulated markets by using zero knowledge cryptography without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

The Dusk Network token sale will take place on Ethfinex between October 26th and November 9th, 2018.


What is Dusk Network?

Dusk is a blockchain-powered network that simultaneously guarantees transaction confidentiality and aspects of regulatory compliance on chain.

Dusk Network is designed for a restricted set of use cases ranging from issuance of Confidential Security Tokens, to decentralized dark pool implementation, to secure communication and payments. The consensus mechanism (referred to as SBA*) is designed to bridge privacy and transparency for regulators.

Dusk uniquely focuses on providing the right confidentiality to three use cases that render the platform a true network:

  • Unidirectional atomic transfer of value (Payments)
  • Bidirectional atomic exchange of value (Digital Asset Transfer/Security Tokens)
  • Time unbound exchange of value (Streaming, Video, Audio, Files)


DUSK Token Sale FAQ

What is the hard cap of the Ethfinex Dusk Network sale?

Dusk have made approximately $1,000,000 of DUSK tokens available to Ethfinex users, out of their $14.4m overall raise.  

What is the individual ETH contribution min/max I can contribute?

The individual allocation is targeted to be $5000 in ETH. The individual amount of ETH will be set at the beginning of the draw period but may change if the price of ETH/USD varies greatly during the two week draw entry period.

What is the price of Dusk tokens?

Each DUSK token is priced at $0.0576.

What are the dates of the Dusk Network token sale on Ethfinex?

The Dusk Network token sale will take place between October 26th and November 9th, 2018. Registrations for the token sale close on November 5th.


See the full Token Sale FAQ here.


The Ethfinex Token Sale platform launched yesterday to allow for secure, effortless contributions to Ethereum token sales for users around the world. Check it out here.

We launched Ethfinex Trustless last month for privacy and security-focused traders to connect to the Ethfinex and Bitfinex order books, straight from their Ethereum wallet.

***Ethfinex Dusk Token Sale update 13th November 2018

With less than 24 hours to go until the first winners are drawn in the Ethfinex Dusk token sale, we wanted to take this opportunity to recap on some of the key Dusk updates from the past three weeks, as well as clarifying a few questions around KYC and vesting.

Dusk progress over the past three weeks
Jelle Pol introducing Dusk at the Third Ethfinex community Meetup event in London is a good starting point for anyone wanting a high level overview of what Dusk Network is all about.

We also caught up with Jelle privately before the entire Dusk team shot off on their whirlwind tour of Europe (+ Israel) here.

Crypto-Lark (crypto vlogger) also did a bit more of a deep dive on the tech and token utility.

In Dusk’s ‘meet the investor’ series, they unveil Maven Capital as an investor and added Ivan Poon (Switcheo) and Dmitry Khovratovich (Equihash) as advisors.

Finally, you can also read Dusk’s latest October dev update, where they confirm that they are on track to announce their dev-net in December.

Any new Ethfinex token sale platform KYC applications via the BlockPass app are now assessed within 24 hours and are either accepted, rejected or a prompt is issued requesting further documentation.

The most common cause of delayed KYC approval has been to do with proof of address. Please make sure that your proof of address is less than three months old and has the date of issue clearly visible. Please check your BlockPass app if you haven’t been approved already to see if you need to submit any more documentation.

As a side note, BlockPass will be presenting at our next Ethfinex community Meetup event in London – venue and date TBD.

One of the reasons the Dusk token sale has seen such strong private interest is because of their transparent sale structure. Every private and public token sale participant is subject to the same price (no bonus or discounts) and 12 month vesting schedule that is currently due to start on the 1st of December. For more information on the overall Dusk sale structure and their partnership with The Reserve fundraising & advisory team, see the Dusk sale update post.

Because Ethfinex exchange users to not have access to their exchange wallet private keys, they are unable to directly call the Dusk vesting smart contract that controls the linear second-by-second vesting disbursement. We have been in technical discussions with the Dusk team (who have been incredibly helpful) to find a solution that works for everyone and have settled on the following:

Ethfinex will call the Dusk vesting smart contract for Ethfinex Dusk token sale participants for the first time when the Dusk tokens list on Ethfinex – if the token lists in December. Ethfinex will then subsequently call the smart contract on the 1st of the month, for each subsequent month, until all the tokens are distributed. Ethfinex users who participated in the Ethfinex Dusk token sale will receive their share of the vested tokens on the same day that Ethfinex calls the Dusk vesting smart contract. These tokens will be credited to the user’s Ethfinex exchange wallet.

If the Dusk listing date on Ethfinex falls into a month later then December then the vesting schedule will simply be monthly, starting from the 1st January and then proceeding on the 1st every month.

Example vesting schedule:

Date % User’s Total DUSK Tokens Received by User
01/12/2018 DUSK token vesting scheduled to start
20/12/2018** 5.21%
01/01/2019 3.29%
01/02/2019 8.49%
01/03/2019 7.67%
01/04/2019 8.49%
01/05/2019 8.22%
01/06/2019 8.49%
01/07/2019 8.22%
01/08/2019 8.49%
01/09/2018 8.49%
01/10/2019 8.22%
01/11/2019 8.49%
01/12/2019 8.22%
Sum 100%

** Example DUSK token listing date on Ethfinex

If you have any questions on the Ethfinex Dusk token sale, please ask an admin in the Ethfinex Telegram Group

***Ethfinex Dusk Token Sale update 14th November 2018

The contribution phase of the Ethfinex Dusk token sale will start on the morning of Friday 16th November UTC.

All users who have successfully completed KYC by the 14th November are guaranteed the option to contribute to the token sale.

It is still possible to enter the draw. We encourage all users who have not yet completed KYC to do so.

***Ethfinex Dusk Token Sale update 17th November 2018

The first drawing has taken place. Please check your Dusk token sale page on Ethfinex to check your winning status.

Because the drawing has fallen on a weekend, we are switching to two contribution rounds of 48 hours each, instead of the previous three rounds of 24 hours each. This means that you now have 48 hours to contribute your ETH

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