Polygon zkEVM is key to the future of Ethereum scaling
After the success of our zkSync Era bridge, today we open a new portal. This time we're bridging to Polygon zkEVM, a project described as the holy grail of Ethereum scaling.

Just like our bridge to zkSync Era, crossing to Polygon zkEVM is super fast and all fees are waived for the first 48 hours. So you can explore a brand-new ecosystem, which combines full EVM compatibility with the speed and security of zero-knowledge technology, and avoid any fee at the gate.

We built the new bridge after chatting with the guys at Polygon Labs last week. They saw the bridge we’d built with zkSync, which has already facilitated over 50,000 transactions, and asked us if we’d build something similar.

We see zkVMs as integral to Ethereum’s long-term future. Zero-knowledge technology will make blockchain transactions thousands of times quicker, as well as cheaper and more secure. This is the missing piece in the mass-adoption puzzle.

By bridging your funds now, just days after Polygon’s zkEVM rolled out, you can be among the first explorers of this new trading galaxy. Thousands of dApps are migrating over, and you’ll be ready.

You’ll also earn yourself an NFT for being early. 

How does this offer work?

For the next 48 hours, all deposits to Polygon zkEVM from rhino.fi, and withdrawals, carry 0 fees.

Users cover the gas costs on deposits from Polygon zkEVM to rhino.fi, while rhino.fi covers the gas cost on withdrawals to Polygon zkEVM, and charges no additional fee.

What you’ll find on Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM emulates the full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with the dynamism of a rollup and the agility of zero-knowledge technology.

Whereas the existing Polygon ecosystem is built on a side-chain to Ethereum, Polygon zkEVM is built on Layer 2. This means it can ‘roll up’ transactions into bundles, prove them in bulk and then post a single summary back to Layer 1 (whereas the main blockchain is obliged to process each transaction individually).

This benefit is multiplied by zk technology, which replaces human validators with incorruptible math. Transactions are verified when the ‘proving’ component of a verification engine solves a series of complex mathematical problems, which would have been impossible had it not done the correct calculations first.

This system is not only extremely quick, it’s also secure. Trust is replaced with code; the verification engine can never be tempted into malpractice.

For everyday users, zero-knowledge rollups on Layer 2 mean faster speeds and cheaper gas (Polygon claims it can reduce regular TX speeds by 90%) with all the inherent security benefits of the underlying Ethereum blockchain.

What’s more, as its name suggests, Polygon zkEVM inherits all Polygon’s EVM compatibility. So all smart contracts, wallets and dev tools work seamlessly from the start.

This isn’t just an amazing ecosystem in its own right. It’s a breakthrough in Ethereum’s struggle for scalability.

Various commentators, including Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s chief architect, have written about the blockchain trilemma: the challenge of achieving speed, decentralisation and scalability, rather than simply accepting a two-out-of-three compromise.

Until now, these three north stars have led us in different directions. But zk opens up a single path to all of them.

Anyway, have fun exploring Polygon zkEVM. Here’s that link again to save you the scrolling.

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