opBNB live on rhino.fi

opBNB is live on rhino.fi - Your Gateway to Binance Smart Chain's Revolutionary Layer 2 Solution

We’ve just launched our rhino.fi bridge to opBNB mainnet, your ticket to harnessing the power of Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) groundbreaking Layer 2 solution! From today you can seamlessly deposit and withdraw your assets from BSC to the opBNB ecosystem, and experience unprecedented speed, security, and scalability.

This is your path to opBNB, and bridging with ease. 

Starting today, you can bridge up to 5 BNB to opBNB through rhino.fi. This marks the dawn of opBNB’s mainnet journey, designed to elevate your crypto experience to new heights. By bridging your assets, you gain early access to a thriving ecosystem with countless opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Why we’re excited about opBNB

opBNB harnesses the power of Optimism’s Optimistic Rollup technology, the OP Stack which enables transactions at unparalleled speeds. Say goodbye to congestion and delays, and welcome a new era of instant transactions.

Leveraging the OP Stack Bedrock also combines robust security with impressive scalability. Your assets remain safe and sound while you enjoy lightning-fast transactions.

Since the Testnet launch on June 19, 2023, opBNB has undergone rigorous testing and development, propelled by the enthusiasm of the BNB Chain community. During the test phase, opBNB processed over 7 million on-chain transactions, gained support from 40+ dApps, and connected with over 435,972 unique wallet addresses.

Join the opBNB Mainnet Launch and bridge now!

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You’re automatically eligible to mint the Alpha Key if you have bridged with us any time before June 1, 2024.

It entitles you to free bridging under $100 until July 19th 2024 and big discounts for higher amounts.

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