Rhino Referrals Update

We are pausing the rhino.fi referral scheme in order to implement vital upgrades to make our next program bigger and better.

Since the initial launch of the beta referral scheme in December 2022, we have seen a phenomenal number of new users joining the platform and our community. We now have over 170,000 users that have experienced a truly frictionless version of DeFi, and we can’t wait to grow with our community in the future.

Since rhino.fi is DEX, we do not collect any information about our users, nor do we implement any KYC procedures. As a result, any campaigns we launch leaves us open to bots and malicious users attempting to game it for a potential reward.

We have spoken to a wide range of members and have gathered some important feedback to help take our referral scheme to the next level. We want the referral scheme to benefit real users, and help elevate their DeFi journey to ultimately achieve financial success.

With this in mind, we will be closing down this alpha test with immediate effect.

Users that have successfully started any of the missions will be allowed to continue completion for 7 more days and be entitled to collect any gained rewards.

If you have rewards shown as “in review”, they will be passed through our automated checks and either be approved or rejected this week.

What’s next?

For everyone that would still like to tell their friends and family about rhino.fi and the amazing opportunities on offer, fear not, the referral scheme is coming back! The team is hard at work tinkering and implementing all of the feedback given, to make the next launch even bigger and better than before.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the rhino team within Discord and we will be happy to assist you further

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