The First Cross-Chain Token Charge

We’re launching’s first-ever cross-chain charge – meaning we’ll be making brand-new Polygon tokens available every day for the next two weeks, starting with Planet IX (IXT) and Automata (ATA). 

This means you can swap the tokens directly from your account on layer 2, totally gas-free, and you may even get a lovely reward at the end. 

We spent months building a frictionless multi-chain hub, allowing you to seamlessly swap tokens cross-chain from no extra wallets, no new networks and no native token gas fees.

 We launched the feature with Polygon, giving you access to hundreds of tokens to swap directly from your account. And now we’ve put the feature through its paces, we want to take it even further.

So as well as the Polygon tokens you already know and love, we’re bringing you the ones that have literally just dropped.

If you like the charge format, we’ll continue to add new tokens as soon as they appear on the Polygon network. So you’ll be able to seize the best new Polygon opportunities, without leaving layer 2.
And as a nifty little bonus, we’ll be inviting new projects to come and speak to about their mission and impact – so you can size them up before investing.

To join our charge and seize our cross-chain opportunity by the horns, just click the button below.

Get in touch

If you’re a Polygon project and you are not already listed on, then make sure you reach out to us. We do our best to only make the best projects available for swapping via and we filter via the following criteria (just FYI, this is most definitely not investment advice):

  • At least $10k of daily trading volume
  • A well-distributed token holder base
  • The token contract is ‘safe’ – i.e. it is relatively standard and does not involve transfer fees or rebasing
  • No suspicious token transfer activity
  • You are listed on CoinGecko

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