Unleash the rhino on Layer 3

Dive deeper into the zkSync ecosystem and get even more rewards with our new Layer 3 campaign. Bridge, earn and explore one of the hottest new chains, zkSync Era.

rhino.fi offers you the chance to bridge, swap and earn across multiple chains without having to pay hefty gas fees or trust your assets to dodgy or slow bridges. Explore the emerging potential of DeFi and the carefully curated yield opportunities that are available on rhino.fi.

Our new campaign with Layer 3 is the perfect way to get started. Complete the following steps to earn Layer 3 XP and find some of the best opportunities in DeFi. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Answer a short quiz about rhino.fi 
  2. Follow @rhinofi on Twitter and RT the announcement
  3. Bridge a minimum of $10 of ETH or USDC to zkSync
  4. Deposit at least $200 ETH or USDC to rhino.fi from any chain
  5. Invest at least $150 in any of rhino.fi Yield opportunities
  6. Hold that investment for at least 7 Days

All missions will be verified on the Layer 3 platform, so be sure to check there for full details.

Why we’ve launched this partnership

In its own words, Layer 3 aims to “show users how to use and further explore decentralised finance (DeFi), web3 gaming, web3 social, Layer 2 scaling solutions, and everything in between.”

Layer3 doesn’t just create one-off missions; it creates integrated journeys for its participants, setting challenges which gradually increase in difficulty and allow users to hone their skills at their own pace. These challenges range from completing a quiz to minting an in-game sword, and provide rewards in NFTs, tokens and experience points (with the possibility of airdrops).

The environment is battle-tested, too. In fact, Layer 3 has driven over $80 million of transactions through the Stargate Bridge alone. So, when you embark on a Layer 3 mission, you can do so in total confidence.

If you want to discuss our partnership with Layer 3, our quests or anything else that relates to DeFi or web3, get in touch on Twitter or Discord. We’d love to chat.

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