Cross-chain transactions at your fingertips is opening DeFi to the entire world. People shouldn’t have to go through centralised web 3 exchanges to reach financial freedom – we believe they should have a gateway that takes them straight there.


So we’re creating that gateway that allows you to enjoy the best of DeFi on any chain from a single wallet. We take niche blockchain technologies and make them universal, and we prioritise helping our users providing these new technologies to improve their lives over everything else.


We’re not just starting a movement towards DeFi. We’re starting a stampede.

Our Snapshot, formerly DeversiFi, is a multi-chain, self-custodial DeFi aggregator hosted on layer 2, on top of the Ethereum blockchain. provides you access to all the best opportunities in DeFi. We initially focused on ERC-20 token trading and cross-chain swaps, but expanded into the bridging market early in 2023. We’re now connecting 27 blockchains seamlessly, and will continue to extend this feature to further Layer 2s and non-EVM chains.

We launched the first first zero knowledge rollup powered DEX in 2020 and subsequently raised a $5 million round led by ParaFi and blockchain capital.

We’ve processed over $1.5B USD of trading volume.
As a layer 2 platform, semi-independent from the main Ethereum blockchain, we settle transactions ourselves before posting the records back on layer 1.

This spares users from the congestion of the Ethereum mainnet and frees them from the punishing gas (transaction) fees it charges, while providing full on-chain security. Our specific technology is built on a validation engine known as a ‘roll up’ which bundles transactions and processes them in bulk, speeding up the process even further.

Each transaction is validated using zero-knowledge proofing, which maximises user privacy.

We have our own native token, DVF, which you can trade on our platform or stake for governance rights: once you’ve staked DVF, you can vote on changes to our protocol and even suggest your own. DVF was launched in July 2021 and the proceeds from the initial sale are held in our decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) – the rules-based, community-led entity that oversees

Our parent company, Labs, is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

Our Leaders

Will Harborne

Founder & Strategic Advisor

As the founder and former CEO, Will Harborne brings a wealth of experience and vision to A Cambridge graduate with a deep-rooted passion for crypto, Will is renowned for his pioneering efforts in the industry. Beyond his role at, Will co-founded Zero Knowledge Validator and actively advocates for privacy technologies while contributing significantly to the broader crypto community. Will’s strategic insights and entrepreneurial spirit continue to drive innovation and growth within the company in his role as Strategic Advisor.

Daniel Yanev

Co-founder and CEO

Formerly our CPO & co-founder, has seamlessly transitioned into the role of CEO, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. A Cambridge graduate, with a background in operations at Bitfinex and Ethfinex, Dan honed his skills in delivering exceptional user experiences. His leadership in product development has been instrumental in shaping’s offerings. Now, as CEO, Dan is poised to steer the company through a major growth phase, leveraging his diverse experience, including consulting for Newton Europe. Committed to fast experimentation and a diverse product strategy, Dan’s strategic direction promises to propel too new heights.

Ross Middleton

Co-founder and Commercial​
Ross leads’s BD team, leveraging his commercial background at Ethfinex and Bitfinex, alongside his Oxford MBA. His wide-ranging expertise alternative finance strengthens’s position in the DeFi landscape.

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