Buy Our Token, Shape Our Future’s native token, DVF, gives power back to our community. As well as trading the token on our platform, you can use it to shape the key governance decisions around our project.
We created DVF back when we were called DeversiFi. We’ve changed our name now, but we’re keeping the token, so holders can work with us to build a unified cross-chain future.

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Token Utility

As a DVF token holder, you’ll soon gain access to a range of exclusive benefits


Exclusive free bridging service for DVF token holders to explore new frontiers quickly


Access yield opportunities on the top yield tokens like stETH, USDC, and USDT as a DVF token holder


Get priority eligibility for future airdrops from partners and as a DVF token holder

Boosted referral rewards

Get priority eligibility for future airdrops from partners and as a DVF token holder

Our community MATTERS and so in order to maintain continuous liquidity we have seeded a pool on SushiSwap and on Uniswap with the proceeds of the DeversiFi Launch Market (now called Launch Market).

Fancy learning a little more before you jump in?


DVF is here

Discover how we’ve distributed DVF to give our community as much power as possible. The more you know about our token, the better you’ll understand its possibilities.


DVF is an ERC 20 token with the following token address:




Join the community…

Stake your DVF tokens and receive xDVF, which gives you a say in the future of You can vote on all the big changes to our protocol and even suggest your own.


Make it count...

Whether you’re staking DVF and earning protocol fees, or being rewarded in DVF for providing Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity (liquidity mining), earning rewards with us has never looked this good.

Earn 19% APY on your stablecoins