The launch of DeversiFi Rewards and AMMs

UPDATE: DeversiFi has closed its trading rewards programme, effective Monday May 16, 2022 at 00.01 GMT+1.

We have closed the trading rewards programme with a view to creating a better rewards structure for our entire community, and we will be rolling out new initiatives in the coming weeks.

Further information on the liquidity part of our rewards programme will be provided in due course.

One of our key missions at DeversiFi is to make DeFi accessible to everyone and ensure the DeversiFi platform becomes a one-stop shop for all DeFi needs. Earlier this year we soft-launched DVF through our very own launch mechanism (DeversiFi launch market) and started to grow our community. But that was only the beginning.

In just two weeks we will be launching Deversifi’s very first Rewards programme along with our inaugural series of incentivised automated market makers (AMMs). This twin initiative will allow you to earn by trading on DeversiFi OR providing liquidity to one of our brand new incentivised pools offering the juiciest rewards on Layer 2.

Trading rewards


One of the best features about DeversiFi is the gas free trading, but we are going one step further with our Rewards programme. From December 1st, traders on the platform can earn some sweet DVF which will be calculated by the amount of fees they have paid each week as part of the overall ‘fees pot’.

Simply trade on DeversiFi and earn DVF. It’s that simple!

Automated Market Makers (AMMs)


Unlike the traditional order book method which matches buy and sell offers, AMMs offer a liquidity pool where traders can simply buy and sell their tokens against the liquidity that’s present in this crowdsourced vault. In other words, you can make trades even if there is nobody on the other side.

The launch of DeversiFi’s AMMs will involve 16 new incentivised liquidity pairs. The initial incentivised launch pools were chosen by DeversiFi and the DVF Community in a governance vote, and contain a mixture of large blue-chip tokens as well as stablecoin pairs, NFTs and DeFi tokens.

The pairs are

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By providing liquidity to the pool, users are entitled to a portion of the trading fees it collects.

Liquidity Mining


We are also excited to announce Liquidity Mining as part of our Rewards programme. To further incentivise users to become liquidity providers (LPs) on the platform, all LPs will receive additional DVF rewards, dependent on the amount of liquidity they provide to the platform.
So not only are users earning sweet APY on their assets, they are also getting additional DVF awarded to them! What’s not to love?


Fastest Fingers First


As the size of the liquidity pool for each pair increases, the APY is reduced. This means in order to get the most bang for your buck, you must be among the first users to become LPs on the platform.

Holding DVF


50% of total DVF supply is controlled by the DVF DAO, with some of it initially allocated to liquidity mining and trading (at the DAOs discretion). There could be a vote after 3 months to continue the programme or alter the parameters, so holding DVF will give you a voice in these decisions.

Want to maximise your rewards? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Then you’ll be ready! Remember, by providing liquidity or actively trading on DeversiFi from December 1, you’ll hold DVF, our native governance token – which means you get a vote in any future decisions regarding the platform. 

Welcome to the future of DeFi. Welcome to DeversiFi

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