Rhino.fi has joined forces with Galxe, one of the key drivers of the emerging zkSync era ecosystem, offering an exclusive NFT upon completion of three key missions. Today, we add a fourth, and here’s the story.

We are excited to announce a new cross-chain quest, powered by Galxe, a growth catalyst for emerging blockchains which empowers you to earn rewards through loyalty programmes.

We launched our partnership with Galxe on May 15, enabling you to win an NFT by completing three key missions.

  1. Follow @rhinofi on Twitter.
  2. RT and like the launch tweet.
  3. Bridge to or from zkSync Era on rhino.fi. 

Now we’re adding mission #4, which is:

Invest in our cross-chain Stargate USDT yield opportunity on rhino.fi 

To be eligible for this exclusive NFT, you need to complete all missions before 00:00 UTC on June 13.

For full campaign details, and to mint your NFT once all missions are complete, visit the Galxe campaign page.

To explore the yield opportunities we’ve got available right now, just click below.

Why we’re driving zkSync Era adoption with Galxe


We believe zkSync Era, and other Layer 2 scalability projects like Polygon zkEVM, are the future of Ethereum and crypto as a whole.

zkSync Era takes transactions off Ethereum and lifts them above the congestion on the main blockchain, sparing users the punishing gas fees which are (let’s be honest) a big problem on Layer 1. 

Not only that, but the blockchain uses zero-knowledge technology to validate transactions. We’re all about zk tech ourselves; in fact, our rollup is built on it. As well as being super-fast, zk guarantees user privacy by validating transactions without revealing the personal details of either party.

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with zkSync Era since day 1, opening our very own bridge to encourage people to port their assets to the ecosystem. And, by partnering with Galxe, we’re taking this a stage further.

Galxe enables crypto users to receive prizes and NFTs for completing specific missions, so it’s the perfect engine to drive interest in an emerging project like zkSync. Galxe has already gamified adoption in Optimism, Polygon and Arbitrum, and its rewards-based loyalty programmes have amassed over 30 million users to date.

For more information about Galxe, visit their website here.

Why we’ve added a new DeFi yield mission

We want to lead a shift in the way DeFi does passive income, moving away from phony, inflated opportunities towards genuinely trustworthy (and trustless) ones.

So we’ve carefully curated a handful of opportunities on Rhino, prioritising projects that provide:

  • Yield in mainstream, usable tokens rather than niche, untradeable ones.
  • Real, sustainable income: that is to say, you only earn income when people actually borrow your tokens.
  • Innovation, not inflation, maximising returns via intelligent methods and technologies rather than mindlessly minting huge amounts of tokens (something many early-stage yield projects were guilty of).  

Each of our projects has been screened using our rigorous methodology, considering a range of factors such as the reputation of the founding team, the amount of time they’ve been around and the lending/liquidity pools they use.

Now we want our users to explore these opportunities. 

We’re absolutely not saying you, or anyone else, should commit your funds. That’s not what rhino.fi is for, and frankly it would be irresponsible to push you towards a particular opportunity.

But we do want you to see how post-bear DeFi is recalibrating its approach to yield, so you can make an informed choice about the investments you make.

So, if you’d like to look at those opportunities, here’s that link again.

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