Senior Web3 FE Engineer

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Web3 Front End Developer who specializes in rapid prototyping and making high-impact experiments quickly using existing cutting edge tools wherever possible.

As a senior member of our web3 development team, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience and driving the innovation of our decentralized application (dApps). Your expertise in front-end technologies, coupled with your ability to quickly iterate and implement changes, will be instrumental in delivering cutting-edge web3 solutions that have a significant impact on our users.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Extensive experience in front-end development, with a focus on building web3 applications
  • Proficiency in modern front-end frameworks such as React and Next.js and a strong understanding of Typescript
  • Solid understanding of web3 concepts, including smart contracts and blockchain interactions.
  • Experience with web3 libraries and tools, such as Web3.js
  • Demonstrated track record of rapidly prototyping and implementing high-impact changes in fast-paced development environments
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to think creatively to overcome technical challenges
  • Excellent attention to detail and a passion for delivering exceptional user experiences
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work well in cross-functional teams
  • Continuous learner with a desire to stay updated on emerging web3 technologies and industry trends

What You’ll Need:

1. Rapid Prototyping:

    1. Collaborate closely with the squad product manager, designers, and backend developers to rapidly prototype and iterate on new features and functionalities
    2. Translate design wireframes and user stories into interactive and functional web3 interfaces, leveraging modern front-end frameworks and libraries
    3. Develop and maintain a library of reusable components, templates, and design patterns to expedite prototyping and development processes
    4. Continuously gather user feedback and iterate on prototypes to validate ideas and refine product concepts

2. High-Impact Changes:

  1. Identify opportunities for high-impact changes in the user experience, performance, and functionality of our web3 app
  2. Collaborate with the development team to implement and deploy changes that have a measurable positive impact on user engagement, conversion rates, and overall product success
  3. Optimize front-end codebase and assets to ensure fast load times and smooth user interactions
  4. Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure quality and stability of implemented changes

3. Front-end Development:

  1. Develop responsive and intuitive user interfaces using modern front-end technologies such as React and typescript
  2. Implement web3 integrations, including interacting with smart contracts, blockchain data retrieval, and wallet integrations.
  3. Collaborate with backend developers to define API requirements and ensure seamless integration between front-end and backend systems.
  4. Ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility of front-end applications, addressing performance and responsiveness challenges.

What We Can Offer You:

We’re growing fast, and we’re looking for extraordinary people to join us in our mission. If you share our vision, and have the expertise and drive to make it happen, apply to be part of our team.

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