DVF Rewards

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Whether you’re staking DVF and earning protocol fees, or being rewarded in DVF for providing Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity (liquidity mining), earning rewards with us has never looked this good.

Earning Yield with DVF

Did you know there are two main mechanisms for earning interest/yield that involve DVF tokens on DeversiFi?


1. DVF as a protocol fee sharing mechanism


DVF holders can earn potential protocol fees by staking DVF and receiving xDVF tokens in return. The governance module accrues certain rhino.fi protocol ‘fees’ in the form of DVF tokens, meaning that over time each xDVF is worth more than one DVF when unstaked.



Fees on the rhino.fi protocol are split between the operator (Rhino.fi Labs), Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity providers and xDVF holders. The precise split can be set by Governance, as detailed in the Governance section.

“Being able to enter and exit opportunities without gas cost really opens the space up to everyone.”

2. DVF as a reward for providing Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity (liquidity mining)


In order to bootstrap new market creation with deep liquidity, DVF will be used to reward rhino.fi automated market maker liquidity providers (AMM LPs). AMM LPs will earn a share of the AMM trading fees, as well as a share of DVF tokens that will be issued continuously and adjusted periodically by Governance.

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