1 Million NEC Trading Competition


DeversiFi was incubated by Bitfinex (as Ethfinex Trustless) to explore decentralised exchange technology.

In March 2020, DeversiFi will be upgrading to incorporate the StarkWare layer-two scaling technology to be the first professional-grade exchange using Zero-Knowledge Proofs, allowing high-throughput (1000s of settlements per second), and private trading directly from a private wallet.

Ahead of the march official launch, we have upgraded the existing DeversiFi platform, increasing performance by 10x, enabling partial orders and offering more private wallet connectivity.

Now is your chance to experience the upgraded DeversiFi platform ahead of the StarkWare integration in March. In line with this, we are celebrating by holding a 2-month trading competition between 27 Jan 2020 and main-net launch in March

All you need to enter is a web browser and a private wallet (MetaMask, Ledger, Portis, Trezor, Squarelink, or raw private key).

The 1 Million NEC (c.$80k) Trading Competition

The 2-month long competition will be broken down into 4 intervals of 2 weeks each as outlined below. The highest USD equivalent volume traders for each interval, as publicly shown on our leaderboard, will win a prize.

All of your trading on DeversiFi will be counted towards your total USD equivalent trading volume. (I.e. you can trade any available pairs).

Interval Times

*UPDATE: The fourth and final interval has been delayed until the fast-approaching StarkWare integration. Stay tuned with us on Telegram for the latest updates.

How will rewards be distributed?

Rewards will be distributed within one week of each interval ending sent directly to the Ethereum address used in the competition.

How can I check my position?

Head to app.rhino.fi and to view your status in the leaderboard visit nectar.community/traderboard. For any questions or queries, please reach out to us on Telegram.

To get started, head to app.rhino.fi and to view your status in the leaderboard visit nectar.community/traderboard. For any questions or queries, please reach out to us on Telegram.

We work around the clock on the development of DeversiFi as the home of decentralised token trading, offering the most innovative solutions putting our users in control of their trading experience without sacrificing on speed, liquidity, choice or trust.

Get involved with, play your role and join us together as we fan the flames of the financial evolution.

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