14 days of zkSync Era

We’ve launched a brand new campaign giving you the chance to win an exclusive NFT between 15th May and 29th May. Here’s the details.

We are excited to announce our new campaign where you can win an exclusive NFT, powered by Galxe. Use our zkSync Era bridge from Monday 15th May to Monday 29th May.

Complete these three missions to mint your NFT:

  1. Follow rhino.fi on Twitter
  2. Retweet our announcement
  3. Bridge to or from zkSync Era from rhino.fi

Once you have completed all three missions you can mint your exclusive NFT from Galxe.

With over 113,000 transactions and counting from our bridge, rhino.fi is the perfect place to start exploring zkSync Era. As more and more projects join the zkSync ecosystem, there’s never been a better time to move funds over.

zkSync Era merges the best of the Ethereum ecosystem with the scalability and privacy of a zero knowledge rollup. Full disclosure, we are big fans of zkSync, and zk technology in general, and think it can be the future of Ethereum scaling.

So what are you waiting for? Bridge your funds, mint your exclusive NFT and take advantage of everything zkSync Era has to offer.

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