We’ve launched cross-chains deposits and withdrawals, meaning no more stablecoin barriers: now you can access our entire multi-chain universe with all the hottest assets from Polygon Network and BNB Smart Chain. Full story below

Today we remove the final barrier to frictionless multi-chain DeFi.

Until today, you needed to deposit stablecoins on rhino.fi before making a cross-chain swap. 

But now, whether you hold stables like USDT or USDC or thousands of more dynamic assets on Polygon or BSC, you can dive into our multi-chain ecosystem for best-price gas-free cross-chaining. No more pointless entry trades. 

It’s like one of the cross-chain bridges you’ve used before, but faster and more secure. So, basically, way better.

And as an extra bonus you can win $100 by trying our new deposit feature. We’ll give you more deets at the bottom, but if you want to get stuck in straight away, have at it.

How this fits our multi-chain DeFi vision

We’re building the world’s first true DeFi aggregator. A place where you can enjoy all the best of multi-chain crypto without having to go looking for it. 

None of the usual painpoints, UX suckiness or glitches that have blighted cross-chain interoperability up to now. We want to build an experience that’s as smooth as swapping fiat currencies on an exchange website, only without the banks in the middle.

Our launch of cross-chain swaps back in June 2022 was a quantum leap. We’d created a cross-chain crypto experience without complex bridges, network switches, or native gas snags. 

But there was one roadblock left in the way.

You couldn’t join the cross-chain charge unless you held stables in your wallet. 

That was fine if you liked stables, but if you preferred to hold another type of asset – because it was cheaper, offered bigger potential gains or was under-valued by the rest of the community – you faced an unnecessary obstacle.

Our cross-chain experience was only frictionless once you were inside. We’d created pain-free swapping, but we hadn’t created pain-free onboarding.

So we’ve gone ahead and taken that obstacle away. 

Now, no matter your preferred assets, no matter your trading strategy, you can enjoy all the benefits our aggregation platform has to offer. 


This opens up a whole bunch of new multi-chain possibilities

You can access the hottest assets from Polygon and BSC, as well as the ERC-20 ecosystem, without having to deviate from your preferred trading path.  

Just drop your disposal asset onto rhino.fi. In a couple of clicks, you’re landing on another ecosystem.

What’s more, once you’ve made your swap, you can withdraw your new asset to your desired chain instantly. So you can trade, buy NFTs, join governance programmes and explore yield-farming opportunities.

We’ve launched our multi-chain ecosystem with Polygon and BSC, but that’s just the start. Soon we’ll add Arbitrum and zkSYnc (and more), as we continue to bring all the best DeFi opportunities onto layer 2.

And because they’re on rhino.fi, you can explore them with total self-custody. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you stay in control of your funds at all times.

Right, now for that giveaway…

Here are the rules of the comp we mentioned at the top.

  1. Deposit at least $100 of any of your BSC or Polygon Network tokens to Rhino.Fi (for example, CAKE) via the rhino.fi deposit widget.
  2. Swap at least $100 worth of BSC or Polygon Network tokens on rhino.fi using the swap feature between now and December 11, when the competition closes.

Ten winners will be picked to win $100 USDT each. Winners will be announced within 7 days of the competition end, and rewards will be distributed to your account on rhino.fi.

Ok, ready to go now? Just click below:

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