Assisting EU Commission Regulators

We recently flew to Brussels, alongside a handful of DeFi projects, to assist three members of an EU Commission division focused on developing digital asset regulations that leave the EU as an attractive jurisdiction for innovative digital business. Read on to learn more.

At DeversiFi we are proud to be playing our role, alongside other groundbreaking projects, in bringing blockchain-based, decentralised finance to the wider world. Over the past year, the growth of the industry has been incredible. We have witnessed a number of organic projects build, test and deploy revolutionary alternatives to the traditional financial world, offering individuals, globally, an alternative, barrier-free way to take control of their financial destiny. The potential of this technology cannot be underestimated.

This ‘Cambrian Explosion’ of development has naturally brought with it increased interest from regulatory bodies who are steadily accepting the validity and rapidity of this technology. We believe it is incumbent on those of us building DeFi products to assist in the shaping of these incoming regulations, helping educate and guide EU officials in a quest to create crypto-friendly regulatory frameworks that serve to encourage and not hamper growth.

We are proud to be members of blockchain advocacy, education and communications organisation DAIA (Digital Asset Industry Association) – The Voice of The Global Digital Assets Industry. In this capacity, we attended a conference with members of The Directorate General of Communications, Networks, Content and Technology (An EU Commission division), seeking to better understand the intricacies and needs of blockchain businesses with the goal of informing developing regulation and legislation of digital assets in the EU. Check out some of the key talking points below and  stay tuned for more.

Key Talking Points

  • The primary goal was to create an attractive environment for businesses, giving reasons for them to remain in EU jurisdiction
  • Discussed latest policy issues around implementation of FATF standards and AML risks for blockchain/DeFi businesses
  • The professionalisation of the sector through appropriate regulatory standards that are sensitive to the features of the underlying technology and the future potential of the asset class

We’re working hard to continue the development of DeversiFi as the home of token trading, offering the most innovative solutions to keep our users in full control of their trading experience.  

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