Bridge stablecoins to Linea – Only on

The bridge to Linea, the Layer 2 blockchain from Consensys, now supports USDC - allowing more liquidity to flow into the zk rollup.

We are delighted to announce that the bridge now supports bridging of ERC20 tokens, starting with USDC, to Linea. Stablecoins like USDC are key to allowing a more stable (excuse the pun) flow of liquidity that enables projects to provide more opportunities for users. 

This means the best projects from around the Ethereum ecosystem have more flexibility when it comes to taking full advantage of the speed and simplicity of the rollup. And the cherry on top is they can pass the gas savings directly onto the user.

Expect many more projects to take advantage of our rhino bridge with new lending, borrowing and AMM offerings (to name but a few) opening up.

This of course will only be the beginning with more stables and tokens coming soon. Make sure to keep an eye on the Twitter and Discord for the latest information.

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