Bridge to Manta Pacific fee free

Manta Pacific, the first EVM-native modular execution layer for wide ZK applications adoption, is now fully launched.

Be among the first explorers by bridging your funds from The best part is that the bridge is now free until 19 September.

Manta Pacific, powered by Celestia’s modular data availability and Universal Circuits, is a modular blockchain designed to offer blazing-fast infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of other chains. It provides extraordinary scalability, coupled with low gas fees, thanks to its approach to zk technology. Manta Pacific leverages zkSBTs for trustless, decentralized verification and offers a developer-friendly environment for on-chain identity integration.

By using to bridge your funds today, you’ll gain access to Manta Pacific ahead of the broader community, positioning yourself to explore the vast opportunities within this ecosystem as soon as they become available. And you’ll earn an exclusive Manta Pacific Prestige NFT for bridging through

To celebrate the official mainnet launch and kickstart an exciting on-chain season, we’ve waived all fees to bridge there for 7 days.

Exclusive NFT

We’ve partnered with Galxe to offer early adopters a limited edition NFT for bridging to Manta Pacific through

All you need to do is:

If you have any questions about Manta Pacific, bridging in the crypto space, or any other topic related to this article, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Discord. We’re here to assist you on your journey.

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