Bringing Decentralized Asset Management to Ethfinex

We are pleased to present Rigoblock (GRG) as the second token sale to be made available on the Ethfinex token sale platform.

Introducing the Rigoblock GRG Token Sale

We are pleased to present Rigoblock (GRG) as the second token sale to be made available on the Ethfinex token sale platform.

Rigoblock is reinventing the asset management industry by allowing anyone to create, manage and contribute to decentralized token pools, called Dragos. Rigoblock have made 124,700 GRG tokens available for Ethfinex users, at a 5% discount to the public sale.

To contribute to the Rigoblock token sale on Ethfinex, visit

An industry first, you can now manage your Rigoblock token pools via Ethfinex Trustless – providing trustless, secure and fast trading via the liquid order books of Ethfinex and Bitfinex.

Rigoblock will be running two airdrops over the following few weeks – one to onchain NEC holders and one to users who pass BlockPass KYC via the Ethfinex Rigoblock token sale page. This means that they can access the Rigoblock platform and try creating and managing Dragos for themselves, prior to the end of the public token sale Please see the FAQ for more details.

What is Rigoblock?

Deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, the Rigoblock protocol is a series of smart contracts that allow anyone to create, manage and contribute to decentralised token pools, called Dragos.

The traditional asset management industry is characterized by high fees and non-transparent management decisions. Rigoblock brings accountability and transparency to the digital asset management space. Instead of fees being charged to contributors, token pool operators are rewarded via a novel proof-of-performance mechanism that distributes GRG tokens created via inflation, to positive performing pools.

GRG tokens are at the heart of the Rigoblock platform. Token pool operators are required to hold a certain level of GRG tokens in order to run their Dragos and be eligible for a share of the GRG rewards. Token holders also vote on key aspects of the Rigoblock protocol such as setting inflation rates and the level of GRG tokens that are needed to be held by operators. The Rigoblock protocol and the GRG tokens aligns incentives and allows operators to build up a proven track record of their fund management skills for everyone to see.

Rigoblock Token Sale FAQ

1. What is the hard cap of the Ethfinex Rigoblock token sale?

Rigoblock have made 124,700 GRG tokens available for Ethfinex users (~$200k at current ETH prices).

2. What is the individual min/max that I can contribute?

Between 10 to 100 ETH.

3. What is the price of one Rigoblock token (GRG)

The GRG tokens made available in the Ethfinex token sale are priced at 0.01764 ETH per GRG. This is a 5% discount to the TokenMarket public sale. The ETH/USD rate has been pegged for both the TokenMarket and the Ethfinex sale at $180

4. What are the key dates of the Ethfinex Rigoblock token sale?

The ballot registration period opens on the 18th December. Users will then have just over two weeks to register and complete BlockPass KYC. There will then be two rounds of winners picked, starting on January 3rd. Each of the two contribution periods will last 48 hours, giving winning users plenty of time to contribute their ETH. Rigoblock is aiming for February 18th for token distribution and unlock.

See the full Ethfinex Rigoblock token sale FAQ here.

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