DeversiFi API Changelog – June 15 2020

At approximately 8.30 UTC Monday 15th June, The DeversiFi getConfig API will be updated as follows:

The exchange symbol for tETHUSD will change to tETHUST
The exchange symbol for tBTCUSD will change to tBTCUST

All other exchange symbols will remain unchanged. The change does not affect order placement or cancelation, but is relevant to those who subscribe to market data websocket feeds, including order-books.

These two changes will result in the market price feeds for the two pairs being directly for USDT  and will enable DeversiFi to improve several backend processes, to give a better & smoother customer experience.

If you have manually hard-coded your exchange symbols for market data, then you will need to update to the two new symbols.

For more information on the config API endpoint, please refer to the DeversiFi API documentation:

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