DeversiFi Status Update May 2022: AMMs, Incentives and More

DeversiFi is tearing down the exchange model and building something entirely different. 

We’re creating an exchange that puts people before profit and claims fees when you succeed, not when you fail. It’s a model that’ll flush out the pump-and-dumpers and reward genuine supporters, not cynical opportunists.

This transformation will have a ripple effect across the crypto world. And today we can reveal the latest steps.

We’ve been conducting a number of significant tests over the last few months, focused on the following areas:

  • Testing our new AMM markets ahead of full roll-out.
  • Testing our new incentive/reward programmes including our new system of trading rewards.
  • Working with our community of beta testers to ensure all new changes to our product and new features are the best they can be.

These months of testing have enabled us to truly understand what our users want and what they don’t. And now we’re ready to implement some crucial changes to the platform so that the team can focus on the key features requested by our users.

These changes are as follows:

1. Delisting our 8 ‘trial’ AMMs, ahead of the full launch of the AMM programmes.

This means we’ve been through the beta phase and are now approaching full roll-out. Users will still be able to trade the trial AMM assets via the listed markets on our platform, but soon they will have many more options to choose from.

2. Stopping our trading rewards programme effective as of Monday 16th May 12.01am GMT+1.

This is because the ‘old’ trading programme is ready for an upgrade. The community actually voted for this programme to run for three months, but we’ve run it for four-and-a-half months while we’ve been trialling new ideas.

Now, by shedding the old, trial versions of these programmes, we’re shedding the chrysalis. 

We’re ready to move full steam ahead, and create the kind of exchange that you always wanted but didn’t think was possible. It’ll tear down the tired old exchange model forever, and take crypto back to its core principles: freedom, democracy and transparency.


If you want to read our founder Will Harborne’s vision for the future of DeversiFi, click here.

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