Ethfinex Adds 3 New Dai Pairs To Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless

We are delighted to announce the addition of 3 new Dai pairs to Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless.

*Please note that whilst effective immediately for Ethfinex, pairs on Trustless will be activated within the next few days, once order-books have sufficiently developed.

At Ethfinex, we firmly believe that decentralised finance is the future. The Maker team is leading the way in financial innovation with their stablecoin and collateralised loans, bringing much needed stability and optionality to the crypto space. We are strong supporters of the Maker team and are proud to be able to support them and their community as they continue to ship products for the benefit of the Ethereum community.

All new pairs added to Ethfinex will enjoy 0% maker fees for the first $1.5m volume.

New Pairs Include:




Since the beginning we have supported the growth of new projects in the Ethereum space whilst increasing the trading opportunities for our users. We seek to build out the available trading pairs across all our platforms, leading to greater liquidity and a smoother, more convenient experience.

What is Dai?

Dai is a first of its kind decentralised stablecoin designed by the MakerDao team and built on top the Ethereum Network.

Dai is fully collateral-backed, and by being blockchain based, its stability is formed by decentralised governance and management, making it independent of any external, counter-party risk.

“Decentralisation and stability are two core elements for the success of the crypto economy, By offering additional Dai trading pairs, Ethfinex is creating even more opportunities to transact and thrive on the blockchain,” said Rune Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder of MakerDAO.

To learn more about the Dai token, visit the official website here. Or check out our recent interview with Rune Christensen. We will also be hosting the Ethfinex Meet-up 7 in London on 27 February 2018, where we have Chris Bradbury from of MakerDAO presenting on the Dai token.

Ethfinex Trustless

Ethfinex Trustless launched back in September to provide instantaneous, secure access to an array of Ethereum-based tokens.

Since then we have been fine-tuning the infrastructure, polishing it’s design and adding new listings. The addition of these 3 new Dai pairs will make for an even better, more liquid trading experience by providing a popular alternative stablecoin to USDT.

Today’s addition also ensures that users who own Dai will not need to convert to USDT in order to trade on Ethfinex Trustless, making for increased accessibility.

The Road Ahead

This is just the beginning. We intend to continue growing the list of available pairs on Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless, building liquidity and making for a convenient, user-friendly and rich trading experience.  

Make sure to stop by our Reddit or Telegram to let us know your thoughts and what pairs you would like to see added next!

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