The Ethfinex TA Workshop

The recent Ethfinex Technical Analysis Workshop was a roaring success. We invited 100 attendees to spend the day in the beautiful One Moorgate Place, located in the heart of the City of London, to learn the fundamentals (and the nitty-gritty) behind key technical analysis trends in the crypto space. Not to mention the valuable networking opportunities!

Who Attended?

People from a wide range of backgrounds joined us – ex-traders, engineers, crypto enthusiasts, company directors – from all around the world. This diversity made for an exceptional knowledge-expanding experience.

What were the lectures all about?

Richard Adcock

Kicking things off we were joined by Richard Adcock from the renowned Society of Technical Analysis.

Adcock Analysis Ltd has been voted top independent technical research house for FX in 2017 & 2018, and Richard Top Fixed Income Technical Strategist, in the Technical Analyst magazine poll for 2009, 2011 & 2013, as well as runner up in 2010 and 2012. Top spot in the best Fixed Income Technical Analyst section of the Extel Awards was also achieved during his time with UBS.

Richard focused on everything from reading candle-sticks to Dow Theory and how to accurately read support and resistance lines in trending and sideways markets along with tips, tricks and rules of thumb for how to action specific signals.

Clive Lambert

Following on from Richard, we had another STA associate, Clive Lambert.

Clive Lambert’s company FuturesTechs is one of the UK’s leading independent technical analysis providers. The company is a five-time winner at the Technical Analyst Magazine Awards, most recently winning the “Best Commodities, Energy and Power Research” category at the 2015 awards.

Whilst Richard primed us with all the need-to-know details, and set the stage with the theory behind trend patterns, candlestick reading, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, etcetera, Clive took us one step further, deep-diving highly complex indicators such as the Ichimoku Clouds, Elliot Wave theory and more on the history and code of select candle sticks patterns.


Interwoven within these lectures was a futuristic talk by none other than Santiment who painted a now present day future, where technical analysis is enriched with highly relevant social data from across the internet. The Santiment interface will plug-in directly to your Ethfinex and Bitfinex dashboard. More to be announced about this new integration soon. Stay tuned here.

Drinks and networking

No event makes any sense without a decent chunk of time set aside for networking, drinks and decompression. After a heavy yet thrilling day of TA scuba-diving, attendees rubbed shoulders in the beautiful drinks reception of One Moorgate place, discussing everything from what they just learned to how they can apply it.

With the workshop being a success, we are looking forward to organising more in the future. To not miss out, make sure you stay tuned with us on Twitter, Telegram and join our mailing list.

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