Ethfinex Volume Merging with Bitfinex

As announced, will be closing down permanently on the 12th of October 2019. To take care of existing Ethfinex traders and ensure they are not impacted by the switch, we are merging Ethfinex and Bitfinex volume for the course of the next 30 days, making for a seamless switch. Read on to learn more.

It goes without saying that we value our traders and are always finding ways to ensure they are looked after and enjoy a smooth, seamless and satisfactory experience when interacting with our products and services.

In this spirit, we have endeavoured to recognise the needs of current traders and the existing volume over the next 30 days will now be pooled with Bitfinex. This means that traders who wish to continue with Bitfinex once Ethfinex closes down on 12 October will be able to do so without any impact on their on-going fees, eliminating the risk of any loss to the counting of the previous trading volume.

The merging will be handled internally and traders are not required to take any action. For questions or queries, reach out to us on Telegram or stay updated with us on Twitter.

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