API IDs are now more flexible

Our APIs have had a small but important update to help users directly integrating with DeversiFi keep track of their orders and simplify the implementation of their integrations.

When submitting orders to DeversiFi via our submitOrder API currently returns a special DVF ID which represents the newly placed order on our platform.

Example submitOrder API response showing DVF ID

For many users running bots this was sufficient, however an often requested feature has been to allow users to imbue their own IDs into orders they place. This would allow orders to be queried, reported and cancelled by two different IDs – both the DVF order ID and a client ID.

As of now, this functionality available and accessed by sending an additional cid string parameter when submitting an order.

For example, here how an order with a client ID looks like.

Example submitOrder API response showing both DVF ID and CID

This can radically simplify checking the status of orders and even cancelling orders as the DVF ID no longer is the only source of reference for such orders. API clients no longer have to keep a lookup table / dictionary like structure when matching DVF IDs to their own internal representations of orders.

An open order containing a CID entry

We love to hear how users are building on top of DeversiFi, so if you have any feedback or requests please consider joining our Discord or on Twitter and letting us know.

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