Important Update on Ethfinex Trustless

[UPDATE AT BOTTOM 16.07.19]*

On July 13th, the team behind 0x reached out, making us aware of a potential security vulnerability in v2 of the 0x contracts, more information found here. To protect users, we took immediate action, disabling key functions across Ethfinex Trustless including trading, locking/unlocking of tokens as well as cancelling all orders on the exchange. No funds have been lost or compromised as a result.

Due to the vulnerability, 0x subsequently shut down their v2 exchange contracts, patching and redeploying the entire 0x smart-contract pipeline as well as updating their developer tools and packages. As such, all exchanges using the protocol were forced to update and redeploy their contracts.

Ethfinex Trustless, however, is not a standard exchange. To make Trustless fast and efficient, we made a unique design of the 0x wrappers, the result of which means it will take a little while longer for us to redeploy each wrapper for each currency separately. Our developers are hard-at-work solving this and we expect to be back online no later than Thursday 18th of July.

Unlock Your Tokens

As we will be updating our exchange contracts, you will need to unlock any locked tokens you have on Ethfinex Trustless by 12:00 UTC on 16th July. To do so, please head to and complete the process ahead of the deadline. Unlocking is currently enabled, however, will be permanently disabled again once we have fully deployed the new contracts.

If you are unable to unlock your tokens within this time, we will provide an alternative method which will be announced here once we have successfully redeployed. Trading, as well as all other key functions, will be re-enabled at the point of redeployment.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. To reiterate, no funds have been lost or compromised and before we go back online, we will conduct thorough testing to ensure everything is safe, secure and fully operational. For any questions, please reach out to us on Telegram, or at [email protected]

[UPDATE 16.07.19]*

The wrappers that Trustless was using up until redeployment will now have ‘legacy status’ and users are not able to see these locked balances on the trading platform.

To access legacy balances for further trading, users are required to unlock then re-lock them in the live version.

This simple process consists of two steps:

  1. Go to and unlock any remaining locked balances through the simple widget.
  2. Go to, lock your tokens and resume your trading!

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