Today DeversiFi takes a giant leap towards the multi-chain future. 

We’ve launched cross-chain swaps to Polygon, allowing you to effortlessly swap hundreds of tokens from layer 2.

This new feature removes all the hassle of swapping assets cross-chain. No new wallets, no bridging, no additional network fees. Every swap you make will be totally gas-free, and we’ve partnered with ParaSwap so you get the best price every time.

We know you’ve been demanding this for a while. You wanted better token range on DeversFi, and a cross-chain experience without bridges.

Well now it’s here.

You no longer have to leave your secure layer 2 command centre to reach Polygon. Now Polygon is right here, waiting for you. This isn’t a bridge, it’s a gateway. And it’s going to open up the whole of DeFi.

We’ll be launching cross-chain swaps on other chains over the next few months, including BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism and Avalanche. In the process, we’re building a true multi-chain experience: every chain, one wallet, no gas.

For launch, though, we’ve chosen to focus on Polygon, one of the most disruptive projects in the crypto world right now. 

Polygon’s decentralised games, forums and exchanges have unleashed a cascade of exciting tokens, from Dogelon Mars to Chaingames and Mimatic. Now, these same assets are as accessible as our existing tokens, and you won’t face the gas fees you find on Polygon to acquire them.

Ok, enough with the promo. Ready to dive in? Just click the button below.

How to swap cross-chain


To use our cross-chain swaps feature, you first need to hold stablecoins (USDT or USDC) on DeversiFi.

There are various ways to do this: you can deposit stablecoins either from a layer 1 network or from Moonpay, which allows you to buy crypto from bank accounts or credit cards. You can swap from tokens you’ve previously deposited, too.

Once you’ve got your stablecoins, it’s just a normal swap on DeversiFi. You open up the swap widget, select your stablecoin as the ‘pay’ asset and choose the asset you want to receive in exchange.

If you’ve carried out swaps on DeversiFi before, you’ll notice that there are loads of new tokens to choose from. The Polygon assets are marked with the project’s logo (a chainlink in a purple dot) to distinguish them from the ones that were already available on our platform.

For more detailed information on how to carry out a cross-chain swap, and how to check your balance afterwards, read our support article below.

What this means for DeFi — and DeversiFi

“What DeFi needs is a home – a single, unified hub that channels the full potential of multi-chain technology and serves as a simple gateway to access DeFi. That’s what we’re beginning today. By launching cross-chain swaps, DeversiFi is evolving from a trading exchange into a multi-chain DeFi hub that allows investors to go beyond Ethereum and access the best DeFi opportunities, wherever they may be,” Will Harborne, CEO and co-founder of DeversiFi.

Multi-chain is DeFi’s logical end-state. The place we have to get to long-term.

Decentralised finance is all about giving everyone access to everything, regardless of their background, current circumstances or technical expertise.

Multi-chain puts this principle to work. 

With a multi-chain ecosystem, data and value can flow freely from one ecosystem to the next. So users can access any opportunity on any chain, without being penalised for their enterprise.

But this vision needs a home. A single app for all of DeFi, a place where you can find everything instantly.

This is what DeversiFi is becoming.

We’re transforming from a mere exchange into a total DeFi hub. A place where all the best opportunities come to you, and they’re all gas-free.

We don’t just want to be part of the multi-chain ecosystem. We want to be the gateway to it.

To find out more about our vision for multi-chain, and our place within it, check out the blog post from our founder Will Harborne below.

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