We’ve taken your feedback onboard and relaunched Rhino referrals to make it easier than ever to take part.

All you need to do is tell your friends about rhino.fi, then claim rewards when they have completed the two missions. They’ll earn rewards too, so you can grow your portfolios together.

Prizes range from $10 to $50,000 in crypto and each friend you successfully refer rewards you with a fresh spin of our prize wheel. So the more you shout about us, the more money you’ll have to enjoy our frictionless multi-chain experience.

Why we’re eager to continue our referral scheme


Since FTX, we’ve seen a huge spike in activity on RhinoFi. 


People are ditching CeFi in droves and heading towards financial freedom, and they’re getting there through our gateway: no complex bridges, no network switches and no additional gas fees.


Now we want more people to come and experience these benefits, and you’re the best person to bring them.


Because you are the best ambassador for what we’re building on rhino.fi, your friends won’t trust meaningless marketing spiel: they’ll trust what you tell them. We want you to go out there and tell the world about rhino.fi. 


And remember: the more people you refer, the more rhino.fi will reflect you. This is your chance to recruit your own trading partners and build a community that reflects your personal vision for DeFi.

Ok, so how does our referral programme work?

Referrals on rhino.fi are a simple two-step process after you share your referral link with your friend:


  1. They deposit at least $1000 onto the platform. Fear not, this can be done in multiple steps.
  2. They hold their funds on the platform for a minimum of 30 days. 

It’s that simple. DeFi is about freedom and your friends have the freedom to decide what they want to experience on our platform. Trade, Swap, or Invest in our carefully curated opportunities. The choice is theirs!


The minimum you’ll both win is $10 in crypto but you could be the lucky person that takes home the grand prize of $50,000. Prizes are paid in DVF or USDT.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to verify my email in order to be eligible?

Email verification is a security measure to prevent bots from taking away prize money that can be rewarded to our community, that’s all.


Can I create multiple accounts?

Whilst you have the freedom to create multiple wallets and connect them to rhino.fi, users that are found to be gaming the referral scheme by referring their other wallets will be blacklisted. They will not receive any rewards. 


Why can’t I see any missions on the referral page?

If you cannot see any missions on the referral page, and are sure that you have clicked on your friend’s referral link, it will be for two reasons.


  1. Their address has been blacklisted by our automated checks and they cannot refer anybody else to the platform
  2. Their referral link has expired and they need to contact the team to increase their limit. 


Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to spin the wheel or claim any rewards. 


Are there any other criteria for my friend to meet?

Just one: They can’t have traded on rhino.fi in the last six months. This programme is strictly for new users.


How many spins do we both get?

You and your friend will both get one spin each after the missions have been completed. For example, Bob has referred his friend Amy to the platform. Bob and Amy will both receive a spin on the wheel, after Amy has completed her 2 missions. 


The good news is that there is no limit to how many friends you can bring to rhino.fi. Each time you bring a new friend, you both get a spin, with a fresh set of guaranteed rewards.


I’m new to rhino.fi. Do I get rewards for creating an account?

Unfortunately, if you have not clicked on an active referral link from your friend, you will not receive any rewards. You can confirm this by checking to see if you have any available missions to complete on the referral page. If you cannot see any missions, then you will not be eligible.


Is there an affiliate programme?

We don’t have an affiliate programme at present, but it’s something we’re happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to open a support ticket with us on Discord and we can go from there.


How do I track how many people I’ve referred?

The referrals section has everything you need to know: How many people you’ve referred, how many spins you have and when you can claim your prizes. 


How many people can I refer?

You can refer up to 10 people, but there’s potential for more. If you want to refer more than 10 people, again, you can fill out this form. Please note that once approved, it can take up to 2 business days for your limit to increase. 


I’ve held my funds for 30 days, why is my reward showing “in review”? 

After holding your funds on the platform for 30 days, your reward will be checked by our automated systems. This process can take up to 7 additional days. If you have referred your friends, this process will begin once their missions have been completed 


Why have my rewards been rejected?

The wallet that you have been using has not passed our automated checks that are used to prevent gamification and bots from receiving rewards. Unfortunately due to a large number of fraudulent cases in December 2022 (tens of thousands of bots) it is not possible to discuss individual cases as some people will try to use the information to game/cheat the system in the future. We have done our best to differentiate between real and scam accounts, but there is no way to improve this process any further at the current time as rhino.fi does not keep any personal details about account holders – rhino is a private self-custodial platform – we don’t KYC or ask for identity information.


Ok, I’m ready. What do I do now?

Go to the referrals page of our app and start sharing that magic link. Remember: each time you share the link, you’re earning the chance to grow your rewards and make killer trades using our frictionless cross-chain swap portal.


Happy sharing! 

Every person you bring makes the rhino.fi community stronger. The more people we have striving for financial freedom, the faster we’ll get there.

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