Introducing Trading Rewards for Select Tokens

At Ethfinex, we build community-centric features that not only give our users more flexibility and choice, but also incentivise activity on the exchange through meaningful rewards.

An example of this is Nectar, the native Ethfinex token periodically distributed to users on a monthly basis proportional to the liquidity they add to our books through maker orders (as opposed to taker).

Today we introduce yet another feature allowing our users to earn rewards (in real-time!) for market-making activity on selected token pairs. All rewards earned with these pairs will be on top of any NEC issued for general market making on the platform.

The first projects to take part in the new reward feature are ODEM (ODE) and BLOCKPASS (PAS) who are both subsidising -0.02% in fees. (See below for updated list of involved projects). This means for every market-maker order you place, that subsequently executes, you receive 0.02% back in the form ODE (or PAS) tokens in real-time, meaning you earn for every market trade you complete! Head here to take a look and get started now.


We recently relaunched our Community Token Vote, that brings a range of new improvements designed to increase efficiency, fairness and ultimately ensure we list only the best tokens on Ethfinex,  cherry-picked through a vote by our community.

However, getting the best tokens listed on the platform is just one side of the coin. We also understand the importance of long term growth, providing an environment that gives tokens the best chance of ongoing success.  

Facilitating meaningful rewards does just this, incentivising traders to keep the fire-burning post token listing.

To learn which tokens have this new reward incentive, or to get started today, head over to our rewards page, read the instructions and begin earning rewards for your activity.

How to get started?

  1. Create an Ethfinex account
  2. Head to and check which tokens are available for live rewards
  3. Start trading! Market-makers automatically get rewards in real time while there is a pot of tokens remaining. These rewards will become visible in the appropriate wallet.

Participating projects

If you are a project who would like to subsidise fees for your traders then get in touch with us at [email protected].

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