We’ve launched our first-ever cross-chain charge to Arbitrum, offering you the chance to win a share of $4,000 in crypto over the next four weeks. Here’s what it all means.

To join our Arbitrum Cross-Chain Charge, you have to complete three specific missions.

  1. Deposit or withdraw any Arbitrum token, twice.
  2. Make 5 cross-chain swaps of at least $50.
  3. Deposit at least $100 in our stETH yield opp and HODL for at least four days.

Now this might seem like a lot of work for some free money. But we’ve planned these missions carefully to give you as much exposure to Arbitrum as possible. Because we think this is the coolest project on Ethereum, period.

Arbitrum takes the core principles of layer 2 – faster transactions, lower gas – and straps a rocket to them. It marries the speed of a rollup with the security of Ethereum and it’s much, much cheaper than layer 1 (Arbi’s fees are less than $0.5 per transaction, and they’ll soon get cheaper. Like, way cheaper).

But what matters most to you, as a trader, is the fluidity.

Arbitrum allows devs to deploy their existing Ethereum apps with no code changes, and promises that you can build a new dApp from scratch in just five minutes. And the result is the most vibrant melting pot in all of crypto.

The centralised corner of the crypto community is battling a digital depression. But Arbitrum is leading DeFi towards a new roaring 20s.

The chain has withstood the hurricanes of the crypto winter and it’s still getting stronger. In fact, network data shows that its user base grew by over 800% during 2022. And GMX, its flagship decentralised exchange, is now busier than both BSC and Bitcoin (yep, the entire chains). 

So, in short, we’re excited. Adding Arbitrum to our platform is like organising a music festival and booking Doja Cat for the main stage. And we want to ensure you get as much of the benefit as possible.

By taking on swap and yield missions, you can see the active and passive opportunities that have shot up on Arbitrum these past few months, and seize them while they’re still relatively new.

You can grab GMX, LPG or another hot token while they’re still mooning, and explore yield opportunities to balance out your more active trades.

Right, enough pitch-talk. Let’s effing go

The charge lasts until March 6 and the countdown clock has started. So go out there and claim your prize before a fellow Rhino beats you to it.

If you want any more info, hit us up on Discord. We’re always happy to talk you through stuff.

And if you’re ready to charge…

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