Personalize your rhino account with your .zk zkSync Era domain name 

You can now use your .zk zkSync Era Naming Service (zkNS) domain name to personalize your portfolio page.

To celebrate, we have teamed up with zkNS to give away 10 random, 4-character .zk domain names for users of the zkSync Era bridge. 

What is it? aggregates all of the best opportunities from around DeFi into one gas-free account, saving you time, money and fuss. As well as viewing your tokens from any chain, your rhino investment, and your NFTs, you can also now personalize your rhino portfolio page with your .zk domain name from zkNS to make it feel more like home. 

Find out how to link your .zk domain to your rhino account using the guide below. 

Skip to the end to find out how to be in with a chance of winning a 4-character .zk domain names.

Link your .zk domain name to your rhino account guide


Step 1

Skip to step 2 if you already have a .zk domain name that you would like to use.

If you haven’t already bought a .zk domain name, then you simply need to bridge ETH from your rhino account to the Era blockchain using the Rhino bridge and then go to the zkNS website to check your preferred domain name availability & buy.

Step 2

Once you have a .zk domain name (or several!) you need to set the ‘reverse record’ for the domain name that you would like to use with your rhino account.

To do this, go to the registrant page on the zkNS website, select the .zk domain that you would like to set from the drop down box, and then click the save button. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will see that your chosen .zk domain name appears as default in the box, as per the example below.

You can also read this article for detailed steps.

Step 3

Go to your rhino portfolio page and refresh the page 

You should now see your .zk domain name where your Ethereum address would normally be displayed. Example below

If you have both an ENS domain name (.eth) and a zkNS domain name (.zk) then you can use the drop down button to view your domain names and select which one you want to display.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

What if I have both a .zk domain and an ENS domain?

If you have both an ENS domain name (.eth) and a zkNS domain name (.zk) then you can view both using the drop down. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can display your .zk domain name even better – please join the rhino Discord and give your feedback

My .zk domain is not appearing in my rhino portfolio page

Check and make sure that you have set the reverse record for your .zk domain on the zkNS website.

Hard refresh the rhino portfolio page. A hard refresh is CMD + Shift + R on a Macbook, and CTRL + Shift + R on a Windows machine.

If you have just set your reverse record, then you may need to wait a few hours for it to show in your rhino account due caching

How do I change my .zk domain name?

Your rhino portfolio page will automatically show the .zk domain name that you have set as the reverse registrant. If you would like to change your domain, then you simply need to set the reverse record to any of your other .zk domains using the zkNS website.

.zk Domain Name Giveaway Competition

zkNS and rhino have teamed up to give ten rhino users a 4-character random .zk domain name.

All you need to do is to use the rhino zkSync Era bridge to bridge either ETH, DVF or USDC to either deposit to rhino, or to withdraw to rhino over the next 7 days.

Terms & Conditions 

Competition start time: Wednesday 24th May 09:00 UTC
Competition end time: Wednesday 31st May 09:00 UTC

Entry requirements: use the rhino zkSync Era bridge to transfer ETH, DVF or USDC between your rhino account and your zkSync Era wallet/address (either deposit or withdrawal) at least one time during the competition period.

There is no minimum or maximum amount requirement for the transfer. We simply would like you to see how simple, quick and easy it to transfer your tokens using the rhino bridge.

To use the rhino bridge, you can use the following two ways:

  1. Use the dedicated bridge page to either deposit to rhino from Era, or withdraw from rhino to Era.
  2. Use the deposit or withdrawal button from your rhino portfolio page to either deposit to rhino from Era, or withdraw from rhino to Era.

Winners will be picked on Thursday May 31st and announced on the rhino Twitter. The .zk domain names will be sent to the winning addresses shortly afterwards by the zkNS team.

Users must abide by the rhino terms of service at all time.

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