Real Yield ETH offers the highest trusted yield on L2, thanks to our boost
Real Yield allows you to earn passive income in ETH. We just created a six-month boost, valid until December 28, 2023, so you can earn up to 12% APY with no added risk.

With this boost, we’ve created the highest trusted APY you’ll find for any ETH opportunity on Layer 2. 

Here’s how it works:

  • 8-10% core APY, paid in ETH. The bulk of your returns will compound automatically and be paid in ETH, the token you already know, use and hold. 
  • 2% boost in SOMM, guaranteed*. We’ve secured a vault of tokens from our opportunity partner, Sommelier, who offer additional staking opportunities. 
  • Six months to maximise your returns. The opportunity runs until December 28, so you’ve got a full half-year to beat the market – and keep beating it.
  • Minimal gas on your gains. Because everything happens on Layer 2, you get full value for your investment with no pointless fees to eat into your returns.

*boost estimate based on predicted TVL of $1m. 

All you need to do is deposit the funds on, head over to the Sommelier page (linked below) and invest your funds. You can invest a maximum of 100 ETH per user. 

Why we’ve launched Real Yield ETH is committed to trustless DeFi. We won’t convince the next billion users to migrate their funds unless we can prove we’re fairer, cleaner and more transparent than the finance they’ve used before.

Yield is a crucial sphere in the orbit of this north star. Because, up to now, many DeFi yield opportunities have cynically exploited financial freedom. They’ve paid out tokens you don’t want and they’ve based their returns on Ponzi pumps and mindless mints. 

Real yield offers something different. 

By automatically rebalancing your funds between proven protocols like Aave, Compound and UniSwap, using strategies that have been created by real fund managers, it gives you the best possible returns without having to resort to trickery. It uses innovation, not inflation.

We want to encourage this kind of DeFi. That’s why we’ve added Sommelier to our cross-chain yield portal and that’s why we’ve added a special boost, leveraging our relationship with the SOMM guys.

You can probably find higher returns on Ethereum if you look hard enough. In fact, you may be able to find returns in the triple digits. 

But these opportunities won’t be as secure. Returns of that size can only be achieved through cheap tricks, and the methodology won’t be built to last.  

Our opportunity offers double-digit returns with all that shitty stuff stripped away. So you can enjoy the true benefits of passive income: invest your funds, sit back and let them actually work.

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