DeversiFi is launching a charity wallet to help those affected by the Ukraine crisis

Stand With Ukraine: Donate to Aid Charities on Layer 2 Through DeversiFi

Today DeversiFi has launched a charity wallet to help the people of Ukraine and support the global movement for freedom and democracy.

Through this wallet, named dvfstandswithukraine.eth, you can make donations to Unchain, a crypto fund set up by blockchain activists which has created its own ETH wallet for the present crisis.

Unchain only funds humanitarian aid charities, so rest assured your donations will not be used to fund weapons. And because we’re on layer 2, none of your vital contribution will be swallowed up in transaction fees.

DeversiFi has launched the address with an initial donation worth $50,000, and we’ll send your contributions to the Unchain address each day. 

You can donate to our address for free using a Deversifi account. Just click the ‘Send’ link here and transfer internally to the address dvfstandswithukraine.eth. You can donate any token you like: we’ll convert it to ETH and donate on your behalf.

Alternatively if you want to donate directly to Unchain on layer 1 their address is 0x10E1439455BD2624878b243819E31CfEE9eb721C. You’ll need to donate ETH, USDC or USDT if you want to go down this route.

Essential support for the people of Ukraine


Over the last week the world has watched a humanitarian catastrophe unfold in Ukraine.

Over 100 civilians, including several children, have been confirmed to have died in attacks by Russian troops on cities such as Kiev and Kharkiv. It is feared that the real figure is considerably higher.

Countless residential buildings have been destroyed, along with roads, bridges, water pipes and public amenities — creating a void in Ukrainian life which will take years to fill.

And, as everyone has seen on their TV screens these past few days, the fighting has unleashed one of the biggest waves of refugees seen in Europe since the Second World War. 

According to the UN, more than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine since Russian forces invaded on February 24. Some have been forced to walk through the night to reach their nearest border. Others have faced huge queues on roads and public transport networks.

The vast majority of those who have escaped Ukraine so far are women and children, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has ordered all men of military age to stay and fight.

Many of these survivors have escaped with little or nothing: aid station volunteers report a chronic lack of clothes, bedding and sanitary products.

At DeversiFi, the horror has cut particularly close to home. One of our team is from Ukraine, and  faced an agonising few days trying to get to safety and contact family. We feel we have a responsibility to act.

By making our donation, and encouraging our community to do likewise, we want to help people get the basic support they need. Even if it’s just a new pair of shoes or a sleeping bag for the night, it will make a huge difference to someone’s life.

But more than that, we want to join the global movement that opposes Vladimir Putin and cherishes the values he is trying to destroy.

DeFi strives to support freedom and democracy, and create ecosystems in which everyone has a voice. These values will never face a sterner test than they do right now, so let’s stand up for them.

Let’s make our own gesture for the people of Ukraine. Together, we can make a mighty contribution.

Remember: There are two options to donate

  1. Donate for free using a Deversifi account and transferring internally to the address  dvfstandswithukraine.eth, using the link Remember: you can donate ANY token on DeversiFi and we’ll convert it to Eth and donate on your behalf.
  1. You can donate direct to Unchain ( on Layer 1, using the address 0x10E1439455BD2624878b243819E31CfEE9eb721C.

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