The Ethfinex Hybrid Exchange Model

In preparation for the launch of the Ethfinex Portal — our trustless, non-custodial Ethereum-based trading portal — we have put together a recap of how our Hybrid Exchange Model will work, linking together a centralised exchange on one side and decentralised trading portals on the other.

Introducing the Nectar Token

At the heart of the Ethfinex platform lies the Nectar token (NEC). The fundamental purpose of the Nectar token is to reward market makers for the value they create, in turn encouraging them to maintain market thickness and minimised spreads on the platform trading pairs.

You’re automatically eligible to mint the Alpha Key if you have bridged with us any time before June 1, 2024.

It entitles you to free bridging under $100 until July 19th 2024 and big discounts for higher amounts.

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